In life, when one door closes another one opens. When CMP media was acquired in 2000, Ronen Yaari found himself without a job along with the rest of his online publishing team.  Instead of rushing to find the next paycheck, he decided to create OpenMoves and leverage his team’s vast range of experience creating web sites and e-newsletters for CMP’s largest technology vendors (Microsoft, HP, Dell, etc).  As his focus, he chose the small market business (SMB).

Over the next number of years, OpenMoves became known for addressing the needs of small to mid-size businesses.  Our technology and services have expanded to include Search Engine Marketing and CMS driven web sites that are readily affordable and easy to maintain.
In 2008, Amir Chitayat joined OpenMoves as partner, bringing with him a wealth of executive experience and a clear understanding of how marketing and distribution channels work.  Amir has spent decades running large national and multi-national technology companies.  Finally, there was another parent in the house.

Along the way, OpenMoves has attracted talented and dedicated project managers who form the very underpinning of OpenMoves.  Our team of professionals works hand-in-hand with clients to make things happen.  It is our ability to work virtually – as needed and unrestricted by geography – which allows us to attract the very best talent out there.

Contrary to local legend, OpenMoves did not start out as a yoga studio, though both partners are heavily into Yoga.  Instead, the name “OpenMoves” originated as a mantra of sorts – a reminder for individuals and businesses to continuously look for new opportunities, be open to change, and not be afraid of making both personal and business moves when the opening is right.

As business owners and partners, experience has shown us that there are always new opportunities to be found and a next level to aspire to.  It is our job to be prepared with an open mindset to apply our experience and tools for your next climb-through.  Helping to move you up to the next level is what the OpenMoves experience is all about.