Meet OpenMoo, our beloved mascot. She’s in charge of wandering across the digital range and making sure that everything is as it should be. Her orange, continent-shaped-spots make her stand out from the herd! She’s easy to find and remember – just the way we like to see our clients 😉

OpenMoo shows us that no matter the size or the budget, with the right strategy and brand story anyone can stand out from the usual herd and command recognition. But perhaps OpenMoo’s greatest asset is her sense of humor. Her quirky whimsical presence is a reminder that life may not have to be so serious after all. To get the best out of your business, consider letting go and including some fun.

Stand out from the herd. Make open moves. Have fun. That’s our philosophy. OpenMoo, in case you’re dying to know, was born out of the Heifer Project – whose mission it is to end world hunger and poverty. Before her image became a part of us, an actual heifer cow was sent to a third world country to feed and care for a needy family. Yes, this is how OpenMoo earned those globe-like-spots. She’s an international player, you see. She has global reach and has no geographical limitations – again, just the way we like to see our clients 😉

We love OpenMoo’s sense of planet and her calling to serve. By combining our technology platforms with just the right human–powered services we, in kind, look to serve our clients by finding out what they truly need.

If for some reason we don’t measure up to her high standards, OpenMoo will be quick with her whip-like-tail and glaring gaze to keep us in line. You will find her grazing quietly on most pages but don’t be fooled, she’s watching over you.