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Pay-Per-Click Keyword Types – A Beginner’s Guide

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Launching a new Pay-Per-Click advertising account on Google AdWords (or Bing) is fraught with peril, if only because of the sheer multitude of keyword matching options. A common beginner’s mistake is to launch a campaign with a slew of broad …

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Are Facebook Ads For You?

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Facebook pay-per-click advertising is becoming more mainstream and effective as more brands leverage the platform to increase awareness, leads, and sales. The Facebook Ads platform — revamped to mirror other paid advertising platforms — offers several ad units and targeting …

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Google Shopping Campaign Optimization



In an earlier post I talked about ways to improve the performance of your Google Shopping campaign by applying segmentation options. You should not bid the same price for every item in your Google Merchant Center feed file because not …

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Leverage 7 NEW Google Ad Extensions

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Here are some important Pay-Per-Click ad extensions you can use in your Google AdWords account. These will help improve the look and feel of your ads, provide a clearer message, improve click through, and  help convert customers more effectively. Perhaps as …

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Remarketing to Your Email Subscribers



With Google’s new Customer Match offering you can now remarket to your email subscribers

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How to Promote YouTube Videos in Google AdWords



How can you promote your YouTube videos using Google AdWords? Our PPC expert walks you through the process.

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