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Surveys are an exceptionally powerful tool for data collection. Create beautiful pages and collect more information about your customers and readers so you can target specific groups based on their answers.

Apart from all the awesome things you can do with OM3’s Survey/Forms feature, including surveys, contact us forms, database cleansing, event planning with triggered emails and automation, it also features some super cool functionality, turning you into the ultimate survey and form builder without the help of any techies. Plus, when you combine it with our Landing Page feature, you’ll also be able to add countdown timers, videos, dynamic content, personalization, and more!

How OM3 ties in to Survey/Forms and Landing Pages
Easily create graphical personalized landing pages, pre-populate the survey/form using data you already have in OM3, add new contacts, or enrich and update the data held on your existing contacts. and send that data directly back to the contact’s data in OM3. Then create powerful segments and automation to target specific people and send them follow up emails.

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