Browse Abandonment Email Campaign Strategy

Browse Abandonment Email Campaign Strategy


How to turn shopping cart abandonment clients into customers. Browse abandonment automated emails will improve web site conversion rates for e-commerce, lead- generation, nonprofits, event planners, and other websites.

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Google Shopping Campaign Optimization



In an earlier post I talked about ways to improve the performance of your Google Shopping campaign by applying segmentation options. You should not bid the same price for every item in your Google Merchant Center feed file because not …

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Leverage 7 NEW Google Ad Extensions

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Here are some important Pay-Per-Click ad extensions you can use in your Google AdWords account. These will help improve the look and feel of your ads, provide a clearer message, improve click through, and  help convert customers more effectively. Perhaps as …

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Donation Abandonment: How Autism Speaks Increased Donations By 15%



Did you know there’s a simple way to reengage prospects ready to donate to your cause? Wouldn’t you love the chance to increase your online donations by >10% with automation?? Cart abandonment emails is a strategy that has been used …

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Marketing Automation for WooCommerce


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Integrate your WooCommerce store, the leading ecommerce solution for WordPress, with the advanced OpenMoves email marketing platform and turn it into a powerful marketing machine in just a few clicks. WooCommerce meets OpenMoves The OpenMoves WooCommerce connector integrates your WooCommerce store with OpenMoves in just …

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Your Email Welcome Message Can Be Your Most Effective Sales Tool


Welcome Messages for B2C Work!
Every email marketer worth his salt knows that the best time to develop a relationship with a prospect or client is when they have shown an interest or placed an order. However according to a recent study of online retailers only 1% send a welcome series. Even more mind shattering is that 51% don’t send a single welcome email upon engagement.

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