Yes, you heard me – I said VOICE SEARCH SEO!

Voice Search SEO


Voice recognition technology is improving. And Google has made huge advances in its ability to understand natural language search. A voice search on Google often results in a dictated direct response. Better that than a bunch of links to more …

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Read MoreJuly 18, 2017

Assisted Conversions – It’s Nice to Contribute!

Assisted Conversion


A lead or an ecommerce order often has many contributing sources over several clicks to the website until the conversion occurs. Which should get the credit for that assisted conversion?

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Read MoreJuly 14, 2017

Google AdWords & Bing Ads – Forever Linked!

Google AdWords and Bing Adds


Bing Ads just announced a new tool called Automated Imports. It was already possible to import Google AdWords campaigns into Bing, but this new tool can automate the process.

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Read MoreFebruary 10, 2017

Social Media and Google: A Powerful Social Media Combo

Social Media & Google Plan


Let’s go back to the basics and examine the backbone of this powerful social media combo.

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Read MoreDecember 8, 2016

Pay-Per-Click Keyword Types – A Beginner’s Guide

Keyword Research


Launching a new Pay-Per-Click advertising account on Google AdWords (or Bing) is fraught with peril, if only because of the sheer multitude of keyword matching options. A common beginner’s mistake is to launch a campaign with a slew of broad …

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Read MoreSeptember 20, 2016

Google Shopping Campaign Optimization


In an earlier post I talked about ways to improve the performance of your Google Shopping campaign by applying segmentation options. You should not bid the same price for every item in your Google Merchant Center feed file because not …

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