Cart & Browse Abandonment – LassoBack

Did you know that >60% of  site visitors abandon their shopping carts? Increase your conversions by up to 20% with the LassoBack platform by tracking cart and browse abandoners and sending them automated emails to remind them to return to their cart and complete a purchase. Additionally, Form Abandonment functionality help lead -generation sites increase their leads while non-profit sites can increase donations with Donation Abandonment functionality.



Create & Send Recovery Emails

  • Send real-time cart abandonment emails for eCommerce or Lead-Gen sites (RFID case study)
  • Deploy automated browse abandonment emails to stay top-of-mind and increase conversions (read more)
  • Personalize emails with abandoned products’ pictures, descriptions, prices and link back to shopping cart
  • Personalize recommended products, top selling products and out of stock products
  • We set-up and manage the recovery campaigns for you free of charge!

Analyze Performance with a Dashboard

  • Drill-down to Recovery Results, Campaign effectiveness, Top Products, including each person’s activity flow
  • Select data for different time periods (last 30 days, last quarter) and compare to previous periods
  • Measure ROI and sales lift by analyzing abandonment and recovery rates
  • Differentiate between Direct Recoveries and Assisted Recoveries
  • Improve product positioning with the Top Products Reports that shows products that were abandoned or recovered

Track Recovery Email Campaigns

  • Run one or multiple recovery campaigns using dynamic content for personalization
  • View results for each email campaign based on selected time period
  • See which campaign performs best based on email metrics (opens, clicks) and conversion ( recoveries and $)
  • Run A/B tests on content, creative, or timing to maximize results over time

Data Mining

  • View each person’s activity on your web site from browsing to abandonment to purchase
  • View recipients activity by email recovery campaigns (opens, clicks, click-to-open-ratio…)
  • Drill down to individual baskets and behavior
  • Build real-time segments based on browsing or abandoning behavior
  • Target frequent abandoners or loyal customers with segmented 1:1 emails

Platform Parameters

  • Site abandonment criteria based on time, behavior, or source
  • “Abandon Habit” parameters – how often do you count an abandoner
  • Recovery email timing and frequency: real time triggers to maximize conversions
  • Customize “Assisted Recovery” attribution timing (Recovered x days after email sent)
  • Personalize email parameters – product image, description, availability, related products, abandoner information…

Easy Integration with Any Web Site

  • 1-2-3 integration with your site – No software to install or maintain
  • Add one line of tracking code to install on your site. That’s it
  • Maximize number of abandoners tracked- more than  Magento and other ecommerce plug-ins
  • Real-time automated synchronization with your site of browsers, abandoners, and purchasers
  • 7×24 dashboard and support