Total Dealer Compliance

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Request a FREE Consultation – Pay-per-click landing page for Total Dealer Compliance. Representatives are automatically notified of leads who fill out this form. The leads are also automatically enrolled to receive a series of emails.

Patten University

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Information Request – Pay-per-click landing page for Patten University created to generate leads. Data from filled out forms are passed to their CRM and to OM3, and automatically assigned to a representative.

The Alternative Board

Portfolio » Landing Pages

Event Registration – Subscribers to The Alternative Board’s newsletters were invited to register for a speaking event.

T. Anthony

» Cart Abandonment

Classy and clean look for this this 3 part LassoBack  Cart Abandonment campaign that is integrated with the Shopify eCommerce platform. Notice the image of the abandoned products and the simple and effective design.

T. Anthony - Cart Abandonment Email Design

Martinsburg College

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Martinsburg College provides online education for veterans and military spouses and stays top-of-mind with this mobile friendly and responsive newsletter. martinsburg college

Advanced Lamp Coatings

» Cart Abandonment

We love the copy in this 3 part LassoBack  Cart Abandonment series that is integrated with Magento.  Notice the image of the abandoned product and the  simple and effective design.