Email Marketing

Island Harvest

» Non-Profit

Long Island’s leading non profit provides food for the needy. Regular newsletters and e-blasts highlight events, volunteers, sponsors with calls-to-action to donate funds and food. Island Harvest

Piping Rock

» Consumer

Piping Rock is an eCommerce for high quality and affordable vitamins and supplements. Weekly emails highlight key product categories with a differnt weekly themes. Image to text ratio and mobile friendliness ensure high deliverabilty and excellent conversion. Piping Rock Vitamins - Spring Savings

Independent Living Aids, LLC

» Consumer

Independent Living Aids sells products to vision and hearing impaired clients. The email is designed for the visually impaired with large bold fonts and specific colors as well as an extensive text version. Cart abandonment triggers and dynamic content help with ROI. Independent Living Aids Email

Inner Intimates

» Consumer

Inner Intimates provides women with high quality natural products and sends regular emails to educate and nurture their data base. The newsletter is tightly connected to Olga’s blog (read more on integrating your newsletter with your blog) Olga's Secret - Inner Intimates

Waterlogic France

» Healthcare

Waterlogic, a global company, needed a easy drag-and-drop template that their international divisions can use in their local languages (here in French). Product images, promotions, and stories can be swapped without any HTML knowledge. Waterlogic France GG

BicycleBuys Women’s Gear

» Consumer

Gear up with some great biking gear from Bicycle Buys. A weekly e-blast segmented on gender and interest combining a mobile friendly design with some attractive promotions.

Bicycle Buys Women's Gear


» Consumer

Informative newsletter from this leading manufacturer of Christian  vestments and garments. Ride sidebar with strong calls to action and links to site. This newsletter in combination with promotional e-blasts has very respectable engagement and e-commerce conversions. Gaspard Religious Vestments Newsletter

Henry Schein Medical

» Healthcare

Informative newsletter from Henry Schein Medical division rich with news content , new products, tips and best practices. Right sidebar highlights various promotions from sponsors.

Metro Candy

» Consumer

Mobile friendly  e-blast to sweeten Father’s day. This campaign also used segmentation and cart abandonment to maximize conversion.

Metro Candy Eblast

Bicycle Buys Weekend Sale

» Consumer

Mobile friendly e-blast with bold call to action highlighting various bicycle products you must have.  This email uses advanced segmentation as well as cart abandonment to convert those browsers into buyers.

BicycleBuys Weekend Sale Eblast


» Healthcare

An effective mobile friendly e-blast to highlight new products with strong imagery and call to action.

EndoVue Eblast