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Give your Subscribers a Warm Welcome Email

Creating Welcome Emails


Your welcome email is the first email that your customers receive from you. It is also a way to thank your customers and begin building a relationship with them; yet too many e-marketers miss this great opportunity.

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Read MoreOctober 20, 2016

“Tag” your Campaigns & Links

Tag your links

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While creating campaigns, you’ve probably come across the “tagging” feature and ignored it – but did you know that tagging is a very useful feature for many reasons including segmenting, reporting, feeds and sorting? Here are a few ways to …

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Read MoreAugust 4, 2016

3 Easy Automated Emails

Automated Emails

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Did you know you can easily set up triggered automated emails to go out after an event? Here’s how to set up three easy automated email campaigns to nurture your clients: For all automated emails, make sure you have your …

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Read MoreJune 16, 2016

Collect Data on Your Customers’ Interests & Personalize

Email: Make it Personal

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It doesn’t help to just batch and blast to your customers anymore. You need to customize and personalize their emails to get their attention – especially with all the junk mail cluttering the inbox. You might be thinking, I don’t …

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Read MoreMay 14, 2016

Open Your Email – What’s in it For Me?


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The “me” in the title refers to the recipient of the email, not the sender. So often, I see this switched in B2B email newsletters where the featured content is all about the company sending the newsletter, which may or …

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Read MoreApril 27, 2016

Calculating Your Email Marketing ROI



Have you ever wondered how much of a return an email campaign generated? How many leads were generated from your recent email campaign? Or webinar signups? Or sales and profits? Track & Measure Email Marketing ROI Tracking your ROI with …

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Read MoreApril 18, 2016
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