Anatomy of a Blog Post

How to Write Content for Maximum SEO


Constructing a blog post for easy reading and maximum impact takes thought and planning. Here then, are some tips on how to structure posts in a way that will engage visitors, encourage them to spend more time browsing deeper, and increase the likelihood they will share your posts.

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Case Study: How Signature Auto Grew its Leads by 63%!


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Signature Auto case study that was able to increase its leads, traffic, and sales as a result of a focused online marketing strategy leveraging Local SEO and SEM (PPC) strategies.

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The Most Common SEO Pitfalls – Part 3

SEO Pitfalls Part 3


This is the third and final installment of my series on common SEO pitfalls. We have to date reviewed 6 common SEO oversights – 3 each in Part 1 and Part 2, In this post we will look at the …

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The Most Common SEO Pitfalls – Part 2



In the first post on this topic, I touched on several common SEO pitfalls: Assigning primary ownership for the website to the wrong department Using a custom platform without good reason Not assigning appropriate resources to keep your site dynamic …

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The Most Common SEO Pitfalls – Part 1

common pitfalls


As a search marketing agency, we hear a lot of SEO success stories and many tales of misery and woe as well. SEO takes planning and thought. It is never a “set it and forget it” deal. But still, sometimes …

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Local Search for Business Owners – How to Get Started



Google devotes significant space to popular local companies. Further, Google tailors search results to the individual searcher, taking geographic location into account. So local is powerful and important to your business!

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