How to Use On-Site Search for Lead Generation and SEO


Tracking how visitors use on-site search can lead to all kinds of SEO riches. Understanding what people search for on your site can highlight a hole in your regular navigation. Or, it may also simply suggest a seasonal content nugget …

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There are 2 Googles – Which Should You be Listening To?


What Google says and what Google does are not always equivalent. This is the reason that black hat SEO exists alongside white hat SEO. But make no mistake about it – white hat SEO is more durable. That’s why I …

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SEO Fundamentals – Simplified


Doing business online you know that SEO, or “search engine optimization,” is essential to your success. But many people also believe that SEO is a complex voodoo art that necessitates following a whole host of mysterious rules in order to …

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The Google Knowledge Graph – SEO is Dead, Again?


Google recently announced its new Knowledge Graph and the SEO blogosphere and twittersphere are abuzz. What does the Knowledge Graph mean for you and for SEO? Google’s goal is to provide the best possible results for any search. Google wants …

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How to Avoid Duplicate Content on Ecommerce Web Sites


Duplicate content is a particularly difficult problem for many ecommerce web sites, especially those that are large store fronts who are not actually manufacturers themselves. Duplicate content is the term used by the SEO world, and by Google, to refer …

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Talmudic SEO


I’m guessing you never thought you’d be coming to our blog for a lesson in Talmud, the ancient Rabbinic texts that interpret the Bible. But stay with me please. If you care about Search Engine Optimization, and worry about the …

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