Is your business blogging strategy not getting the traffic promised? Is your social media expert just telling you to write more? Business blogging makes an effective search engine optimization strategy for generating traffic. Google loves to eat blogs because they typically contain relevant keywords and are always up-to-date.

Blogs also are the cornerstone of social media –they are the perfect hub for social media campaigns. For example, once the content on the blog is posted, you can leverage it by posting to your Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and e-newsletter. Your blog becomes the hub of your in-house content syndication network.

Problem is, blogs take a lot of time to write, edit and promote. That’s where we come in: you provide the inspiration we provide the inspiration.

How does our Blog service it work?

Brainstormingwith you, understanding your goals, audience and preferences. You receive our questionnaire to fill out, which will keep all the details of the project documented. Then we drill down:

  • Why a blog and who will read it
  • Content strategy
  • Key design elements
Installation on the server if you already have a blog, then creating a test location first and porting over all your content there and going through rigorous testing together before it goes live.
Planning the content and structure of the blog, establishing timelines and development solutions.
Creating a custom design that complements the goal of your blog and your site.
Content creation: We’ll interview you and key staff members, research, source, write, post and promote articles for your blogs. With our Honey-do ™ you get a turnkey blog and social media marketing program. It’s a lot like writing 30 blog posts in 30 minutes.
Coding and integrating the design with the WordPress blog, creating the user-friendly navigation system, categories, installing the necessary plugins and addons.