Effective email marketing is all about choices. We have an email service to match your resources. With our advanced email platform and your internal resources, you can easily reach out to new prospects and develop new revenue streams from existing clients. However, if time and local talent are in short supply, we have our e-marketing people on standby. Before you hit the send button, we recommend an email strategy session to clarify goals and messaging.

Our Email Marketing Services

I-do™ – Got it figured out? Our I-do™ email service provides you full access to our email marketing platform – giving you all the power to create, send and track your email marketing campaigns with ease. In our tool box: email creation tools, list management wizards, instant email delivery, reporting and tracking. Hey, and if it’s not as easy as you thought, we’re right behind you.
We-do™ – Pressured for time? Our We-do™ service provides you with email experts to help you with the technical, design and strategic parts of the job. You provide the ideas and we transform them into email campaigns that make sense. On our checklist: clarifying goals and messaging, designing great looking email templates, complete and thorough testing, hounding for monthly content, deploying and tracking results, month after month.
Honey-do™ – Ready for some full outsourcing? We’ll develop content for your email newsletters, landing pages, events, and product promotions. Everything you need to become an online player. Our Honey-do™ package gives you the ability to maximize your email marketing investment at a snap of a finger …oh honey can you…

The bottom line is that we do. We work with you to get the strategy right and then you can set us loose to get it done.

Related Email Marketing Services

  • Email List/Database Cleanup – We’ll weed out your old and tired email addresses and make sure your list is squeaky clean and ready to score deliverability points.
  • Custom URL, SPF and Domain KeysMaximize deliverability and domain reputation with a custom email domain (your company-email.com) for your business that will increase inbox placement as well as protect your domain from spam complaints. We register and authenticate your chosen custom URL and set up SPF records and domain keys as well.
  • Email Throttling – Large lists can be throttled according to preset schedule to test deliverability and for controlling response.
  • Microsites/Landing Pages – Design and code landing pages for lead generation, white paper download, invitation signups, and more. We design and code the landing pages as part of the OM3 platform, your site, or OM landing page platform.
  • Integration with 3rd Party Applications: In addition to our integrations with Salesforce, MS Dynamics CRMs and Magento we can develop custom integration with your ERP and back-end systems. Typically this will allow you to upload lists from your  system to OM3 as well as “push” subscriber behavior from OM3 to your back end system.
  • Custom Reporting Dashboards: Don’t have a CRM? Need your salespeople to have a customized view of their leads? We create customized Web reports that are specific to your company’s needs using our API libraries.