Every email project begins with an email strategy session and every strategy session begins with key questions to make sure we understand your goals within the context of your business and industry. This is not a virtual chit-chat about grand ideas to be done someday, but rather a very methodical process that includes: email strategy session, a marketing brief, email design, coding and testing.

Email Strategizing

  • Do you want to be branded as an expert, or sell more products?
  • Is your goal to get customers to order online?
  • Is your database segmented by demographics?
  • Can your in-house experts generate content on a regular basis?

Wireframing Your Email

  • Study your current Web site and print materials
  • Learn what you like and dislike
  • Offer our suggestions and together we’ll agree on a plan
  • Produce a blueprint or wireframe of your email newsletter or e-blast

Creating Your Email

Once you’ve approved the wireframe, our design department will create an initial email design mockup. After tweaks, and your approval, we’ll start coding your e-newsletter.

We use our inbox preview tool to make sure the newsletter looks as good in Outlook ’07 as it does in Gmail. If it doesn’t, we’ll tweak the code until we reach a happy medium. This is part science, part art.


Amidst this creative flurry, we help you organize your email database into lists or segments and upload it to our platform. Here is where the overall strategy can significantly influence how we setup the database.

This is a good time to consider creating triggers and potentially personalizing the email-campaigns using dynamic content and using our API calls to directly tie in to your CRM.

Results-Based Evolution

At the end of the day it’s all about results. Our process is geared to evaluating each email campaign and evolving from there. We’ll review each campaign to make sure the open rates and click-through numbers are what they should be and alert you if they are not.

All our products come with analytics allowing us to test and measure and make your email marketing program accountable to the bottom line.