Email Marketing Platform

OM3 is a powerful email marketing platform that comes with our strategy and dedicated account services. This next-generation email  platform has all the bells and whistles of an enterprise level platform but with an amazing ease of use.

Included are a smooth interface with advanced features such as: drag and drop editor, automated drip campaigns, landing pages, dynamic content, lead scoring, Salesforce and MS Dynamics CRM integration, drag-and-drop survey tools, cart abandonment, Magento integration, superior deliverability and many more…

video: drag-and-drop email template editor

Email Creation and Testing

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email list management

List Management

  • Easy to use wizard to manage your opt-in lists
  • Create custom fields to match your business needs
  • Advanced forms and popover registrations for your web site
  • Score your prospects based on engagement
  • Drag-and-drop segment builder based on purchase behavior (orders, products, frequency)
  • Segment by behavior and demographics: opens, engagement, sent history, gender…

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Reporting on Visitor and Traffic Funnel

Reporting (beyond opens and clicks)

  • Analyze your email results with a visual Heat Map of clicks
  • Score prospects and clients with your parameters
  • Individual reports for A/B testing, Triggers, and Auto-Responders
  • Report survey and registration results with email behavioral results
  • Compare campaigns side by side for best results
  • Advanced segmentation & behavioral queries via Boolean logic
  • Google eCommerce results and ROI tracking individual campaigns

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Advanced Email Campaign Features

Advanced Features

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Email Deliverability Reports

Email Deliverability and Security

  • High deliverability using an authenticated dedicated email domain for your company.
  • Watchdog predictive algorithm to analyze every name and list
  • White-listed with ISPs and work hard to stay that way
  • Ensure that no mailing hits a blacklist and if it does, we’ll correct
  • All customer data resides in our secure data center
  • Our privacy policy is simple: your data is yours, only yours!

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