Advanced Features

To maximize results from email marketing you need to raise the bar beyond the basic “batch-and-blast”  segmentation and automation. Segmenting, dynamic content, behavioral triggers, cart abandonment, MS Dynamics, Salesforce and Magento integrations are all features that help you engage better with your subscriber and improve your ROI.


Automated Triggered Campaigns

Use our drag-and-drop program builder to quickly create powerful automated triggers that let you set the time, frequency and delivery criteria of drip-based email campaigns. A visual flow chart allows you to quickly build a “what-if-then” program with decisions based on transactions, engagement, anniversaries, or demographics. Learn More

Cart & Browse Abandonment – LassoBack

LassoBack is integrated with the OM3 platform to provide you the most advanced Cart and Browse abandonment solution. Easily schedule multiple personalized email triggers and view results by ROI, Campaign Performance, or Direct and Assisted Sales. Typical recovery rates are  10%-18%. More on LassoBack.

Lead Scoring

Put yourself in complete control of how you want to score your contacts with our incisive Engagement Scorer. It’s been designed to give you a clear view of how hot a contact is, and their intent to purchase, with three different scores. Learn More.

Integrated Survey Builder

OM3 has an integrated survey tool that will enable you to create questionnaires and competitions so the user experience is seamless with your email campaigns. You can personalize the survey and append all respondent data to the email data base. Learn More.

Landing Pages & Microsites

Our Site Builder tool allows you to quickly create landing pages for lead registration, “Thank you” pages, audience competitions, and many other applications. Grab an existing email marketing template from your Library and turn it into a landing page– at the click of a mouse. Or create landing pages complete with navigation – NO web design or programming skills needed. Learn More.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

With our seamless MS Dynamics integration  you can execute and track your email campaigns from within the CRM. You can synchronize marketing lists with OM3 address books, manage unsubscribes and bounces, as well as harness the CRM’s advanced Find to segment contacts. Additional charges apply. Learn More

Salesforce Integration

Marrying OM3 with enables you to have the best of both worlds. A powerful email marketing platform that communicates seamlessly with your CRM so that lists are updated only once and recipient email behavior is updated in Salesforce as well.

Magento eCommerce Integration

If you are using a Magneto eCommerce platform for your business our seamless integration will  increase yours sales dramatically. You can now send emails based on purchase behavior, purchase dates, product interest as well as cart abandonment, and back in stock emails. Learn More

Custom Event Trigger

There are literally hundreds of ‘custom event’ triggers you can use to drive your automated campaigns. From customers’ birthdays, to their buying patterns, and expressed preferences, from seasons and holiday dates to life cycle milestones.

Behavioral Triggers

Configure an email to trigger automatically based on behavioral data (opened a certain email or link within a time interval) to maximize the power of your campaign. Triggers can be used for trade-show and seminar reminders and RSVPs among other applications.

Dynamic Content

Leverage your subscribers’ unique information by delivering 1:1 content (images, text, offers) dynamically personalizing each message. Simply define your business rules, create unique content snippets, and deliver personalized email experiences to every subscriber.

Integration with 3rd Party Databases

Using our API toolkit we can help you integrate the OM2 data to various CRM platforms, ERP systems, shopping carts and various in-house databases.