Want to link your email campaigns to engaging landing pages that convert? OM3 is available with an Advanced Landing Page functionality as part of our email platform. Quickly create beautiful mobile responsive landing pages with our drag-and -drop editor and integrate countdown timers, scoring, and integrated reporting.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

  • Start from scratch or use pre-built templates.
  • Create custom campaign landing pages in minutes
  • Any kind of landing page you need – without having to involve designers, developers or IT
  • All landing pages are mobile responsive and fully personalized

Image and videos

  • Use the same images stored in your OM3 account
  • Set large background images with your own display preference
  • Easily pull in your videos with a couple of clicks
  • Easily edit images using our in platform image editor

Countdown Timers

  • Create urgency by adding a countdown timer
  • End countdown on a specific day or time
  • Choose to display labels or not
  • Set your colors and fonts for your countdown timer


  • Pull in your OpenMoves surveys
  • Automate messages off a visitor’s interaction
  • Send targeted messages based on surveys/forms with your landing page
  • Collect customer data or enhance the data you already hold

Advanced Features

  • Adjust your lead scoring based on their engagement with your landing page
  • Use basic to advanced data you hold on your contacts in OM3 to personalize your landing pages
  • Display data from data fields to web, social and transactional insight
  • Integrate Google Analytics to optimize with ease and agility.

How Does It Work? – This is an optional feature available at an added monthly cost. Contact us for a more information and a detailed overview of OM3’s Landing Page feature.