Automated Campaigns

The best way to improve your results while you sleep is through automated email campaigns. Emails can be deployed automatically based on an event, a behavior, or lack of behavior. Use the drag-and-drop program builder to create “what-if-then”  automated programs based on any customer behavior, date, event or segmentation rule.



Automated Triggered Emails

  • Welcome Email: series of emails sent automatically at a set frequency. They can be a personalized “Thank You”, or a series of emails introducing the prospect to your services.
  • Lead Nurture: a series of pre-written emails specific to the person’s interest on your.
  • Anniversary: automatically trigger communications by date specific events such as birthdays, anniversaries, deadlines or contract renewal dates.
  • Post Purchase: send automated post-purchase emails based on last purchase date, product type, order value or demographics.

Drag-and-Drop Flowchart

  • The Program Builder: visual tool lets you set the time, frequency and delivery criteria of drip-based email programs.
  • Visual interface: a drag and drop interface to build an automation flow chart with “what-if-then” rules. It’s fast and easy to use. T
  • Plan and build programs: you can build the program and share it with your colleagues for planning.
  • Reporting: you have access to all the detailed reports you already receive in OM3 campaign reporting.

Decision Points

  • Automate emails: a system to automate your emails to fire automatically when contacts match the criteria you set up.
  • Data decisions: decision points based on any of the custom data fields created in your account; send your contacts different email programs depending on the data you store on them.
  • Behavioral decisions: decision points based on whether the user opened or engaged with your recent campaigns.
  • Transaction decisions: up-sell and cross-sell based on purchase history, purchase date, amount purchased, purchase frequency and product type.