Lead Scoring

Put yourself in complete control of how you want to score your contacts with our incisive Engagement Scorer. It’s been designed to give you a clear view of how hot a contact is, and their intent to purchase, with three different scores. Lead Scoring is an essential part of your lead nurture process, with an emphasis on lead quality over lead volume. It gives you the power to score your leads at contact level on their behavior and demographics, so you can pass on hot leads to your sales team.

At a glance

  • Pass on hot data when contacts meet the set criteria
  • Assign scored to known and anonymous web visitors based on their behavior and engagement with your website
  • Consistently send the right person the right message at the right time
  • Use a contact’s score to start or make decisions in your automation programs

You’re in control.

  • Take advantage of the flexibility to score customers how you want
  • Create as many rules as you need
  • Set scores based on email opens, clicks, page views, downloads, competition completions, job title, purchase history
  • … the options are endless

One feature. Three scores.

  • We can give your Engagement Scoring unprecedented precision and simplicity.
  • Score your contacts on what they do (behavior) and who they are (identity)
  • See how valuable they are by combining both into an overall third score
  • Helps you to target activity and boost results.

The Benefits

  • Boosted ROI from your lead generation activities
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Better alignment of marketing and sales effort
  • Free up time to concentrate on warming up others – or generating more.

How Does It Work? – This is an optional feature available at an added monthly cost. Contact us for a more information and a detailed overview of OM3’s Lead Scoring program.