We take your email deliverability very seriously. With poor deliverability we can go back to the farm and milk the cows (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). So we are all about ensuring deliverability to the highest standards possible. Security of your data and privacy is our first priority, so we’ve invested heavily in technology, data storage, backups, and independent privacy monitoring services. Learn more about how OpenMoves delivers your email.


With dedicated ISP relationships, inbox-monitoring globally, and enhanced deliverability tools, OpenMoves helps ensure your emails reach the inbox with a deliverability rate of >95% on a regular basis.

Custom URL, SPF and Domain keys

We can maximize deliverability and domain reputation with a custom email domain (your company-email.com) for your company that will increase inbox placement and protect your domain from spam complaints. We’ll register and authenticate your chosen custom domain and set up SPF records and domain keys to maximize deliverability.

Data Watchdog

Powerful predictive ‘Data Watchdog’ system that monitors and polices ALL user data before it gets uploaded. The Watchdog predicts, detects and prevents email abuse – protecting our sender reputation and your delivery rates.


OpenMoves is whitelisted at all of the major ISPs that have an approved whitelist program helping to ensure your emails get through. Our delivery team monitors blacklists daily to ensure that no mailing has hit a blacklist and if they do, we take steps to correct it for you.

ISP Feedback Loops

In addition to direct contact with global ISPs, OpenMoves has tied its technology into the ISP feedback loop system (RFBL – Real-Time Feedback Loops) ensuring that any spam complaints are handled immediately.

Privacy and Security

Our privacy policy is simple. Your data is yours, and only yours! All data is secure and password-encrypted so that not even our own staff have access. All account databases are kept separate and distinct to prevent corruption and overlap and are mirrored and backed up regularly. All login pages pass data through SSL and we do not have a vulnerable mobile app.

Users and Passwords

You can create different user types with different privileges in each account. Passwords have to be changed every 90 days and logging into to OM3 from new IP addresses need to be authorized…. It’s all about keep your data safe.


OpenMoves takes its network, data, and physical security seriously. We meet industry standards when it comes to how we store and secure our data, and we take whatever countermeasures that can be taken whenever security holes or exploits are discovered. Our data center resides in a world-class, secure data centers.