Email Creation and Testing

The key to a good email campaign is to have the right template for your business, add some relevant content and calls-to-action, create some Web links, test for cross-platform compatibility, and schedule your send. Yep, we do all of that and more.

Email Templates

While we’ll typically create a custom email template for you, we also give you dozens of free common layout templates, proven to work in ALL major email programs. You just need to customize them to suit your business.

New Drag & Drop Editor

Those of you that are not email marketing jockeys with HTML or Dreamweaver knowledge asked us to create an Easy Editor. One that will enable you or your team to take a beautiful template and edit away without a hitch. Learn More


For those that still want to use the regular WYSIWYG editor for simple changes you can still do so without using the Easy Editor. If you comfortable with MS Word®, the WYSIWYG editor gives you the opportunity to add and edit content, upload images and change text in our canvas editor.

Code Upload

Many of our users are power users, desiring to write their own clean code and bring it into OM3 to deploy. Easily toggle between our canvas editor and source editor. You can even import your code from your local drive or through a URL. If you want to incorporate the Easy Editor tagging on your template use our the Easy Editor Markup Guide.

Inbox Preview

Curious about how your email will look to everyone when it arrives? With a single click, OM3 will send a copy of your email to all of the major email programs and key smartphones (Outlook, Yahoo!, Gmail, iPhone, Android, etc.) and provide a screen shot report on how well your email will render for everybody.

Sign-up Form Wizard

Grow you subscribers with advanced and easy to use sign up forms. Keep it simple or ask them questions about their habits and which email they want to receive and at what frequency. You have standard forms to choose form or you can customize to your needs.


You can address your recipient by their name, refer to the last date and product they bought from you, make specific recommendations and ‘calls to action’ for them. You can even personalize the email ‘from’ name as well as body copy and subject lines.

Dynamic Content

Leverage your subscribers’ unique information by delivering unique content (images, text, offers, and more), dynamically personalizing each message. Quickly  set-up rules that decide who gets what email content, without having to create separate campaigns. Send one campaign, with multiple targeted messages, and watch your response rates improve.

RSS to Email

Want to link your email newsletter to your blog or Web site? OM3 lets you pull in data via RSS from your web site or blog and update your email content instantly.

A/B Testing

Take your campaign results to the max using advanced A/B testing. Maximize open rates with split testing different subject lines or even different “sent from” and “friendly from” names. Maximize click through and conversion with multi variant testing (MVT) for different headlines, call to action, personalization, and imagery. OM3 will track all results and allow you choose the winning combination or do it for you.

Social Media and Email Integration

Is there any doubt Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more are here to stay? Spread your email content further by including a handy “Share This” link or image in your email campaigns – complete with detailed tracking on the total number of shares!