Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics are the cornerstones of email marketing deliverables. You want to be able to review results quickly and easily or drill down to the finest details. So at OpenMoves we give you access to all the reporting that you can handle and we are here to answer any questions and strategize together on how to improve your open rates or your conversions.

Unique Opens and Total Opens

Easily see who opened each email, and when and how many times they viewed it. Review the total opens and forwards as indicator of how relevant your email is. Also see who did not open the email and maybe resend them the email a week later.

Clickers and Links

These are your hottest leads. Who clicked on which link? Which link is most popular in one email campaign or across campaigns? Automatically segment clickers into a specific list for future interaction. You can also name links in plain English for easy sorting.

Hot Prospects Report

Easily create a simple scoring of your hot list. Filter by number of opens and clicks per individual and OM3 will display those that meet the criteria so you can follow up. A real prospecting machine.

Bounces and Unsubscribes

Hard bounces and soft bounces are easily identified and managed automatically for ongoing hygiene. Unsubscribe and complaints are highlighted as well. Consult your account manager to make sure your stats are in line with your industry or business type.

Campaign Comparison

Don’t know which campaign did best on which metrics. No problem. Just “check” the campaigns you want to compare and OM3 will show them to you side by side with all the performance metrics and highlight for you the winner. A real help in deciding which campaign type to send next.

Email Heat Map

Analyze your email campaign with a visual “Heat Map” of where people clicked on your email. See number of clicks and % of total clicks to optimize your content and links.


View your opens overlaid on a global map to spot where most of your marketing ROI is coming from. Zoom in and out and mark a particular location and OM3 will automatically tally up those subscribers.


Who forwarded your emails? Who tweeted and when? How many “liked” your email? Who shared it to LinkedIn…Its’ all there.

Email Client Analysis

What percentage of your audience is reading your email using Outlook, Hotmail, Entourage, iPhones, Ipads… Get in-depth reporting on these key metrics so you can test and test your email for appropriate platforms.

Executive Reports

Need to print a report snapshot to present to your manager? Or better yet, need to send it automatically as a PDF. Yep, we have you covered! With a single click you are able to PDF an executive report and send to your team so they don’t ask you for the OM3 password.

Page Views

Track Web visitors that came from your email and browsed your site. We provide you some java code to put on your site to help you track web traffic right from your OM3 platform. You can also easily integrate with Google Analytics as well.

Reports Only

Need to give someone inside or outside your office access to real-time campaign reports but don’t want to give them full access to your account? Easy. Just create a “Reports-Only” account.

Report Generator

Ideal for those who need a highly customizable report generator to slice and dice multiple email campaigns or create a customized dashboard with specific information for your sales team or distributors.