Subscriber Management

We take special care in providing you tools to handle your subscribers as they are the key to your success. You can easily upload email lists in all formats, create segments and custom fields, and using these tools, easily import/export and maintain list hygiene over time.

Manage Subscribers:

Importing your subscribers is a snap with our import wizard. Just follow each step and your data will sit comfortably inside your account. You can even upload from Salesforce or other CRMs using our advanced APIs.

List Cleanup:

OM3 provides a list-cleansing tool to de-dupe, remove bad syntax, previously unsubscribed and hard-bounced emails from each of your imports, ensuring your lists are squeaky clean. We can also help you clean up a large list with advance segmentation and delivery throttling to maximize deliverability.

Suppression Lists:

Have a list of subscribers that you want to 100% ensure don’t get emails? Upload a suppression list and keep them off your mailings.

Custom Fields/Demographics:

Create custom fields that are relevant to your business and then act upon it with your email campaigns. First name can be used for personalization, birthdays for annual reminder, last product purchased for up selling, industry segment for dynamic content… It’s only limited to your imagination.

CRM Integration:

Easily upload subscribers from, MS Dynamics and ACT! so that your databases are synchronized. Other CRMs can be integrated using our API tools. In addition to uploading lists the CRM can be updated with individual behaviors (opens, clicks, unsubscribe, etc…). Additional costs may apply depending on CRM and integration.

Advanced Segments:

Segmentation will help you deliver quality relevant messaging that will increase your email ROI. Easily filter your subscriber list on criteria you determine. Want to email to women only? To those that did not open an email in 6 months? To clients vs. prospects? People who clicked a specific link? No problem!

Subscriber “digital footprint”:

Drill down to the individual subscriber level and see a complete history for each subscriber and how they interacted with each of your campaigns. What did they do a year ago, which link they clicked, which emails they missed… Now use this data to drive more business your way!

Query Generator:

Research subscribers with a customized drill down and export the information or create a contact list of those subscribers. All those that clicked on a link X or Y in the past year, those that that opened more than 3 times, etc… It’s all about the data and using it. So we give you the tool.