If you are trying to generate leads, sell a widget or invite prospects to an event you need destination pages that your prospects can land on to get a focused experience and take action. Funny enough, those are called landing pages.

Landing pages will create an effective welcome for your visitors arriving from search, pay-per-click,  or email campaigns. To convert visitors to clients, the recipe requires great copy and design, optimization testing and nifty reporting technology, which we bundle into our landing page platform.

Landing pages work because they:

  • Focus on leading a prospect to fill in a form or complete a purchase and hit the submit button
  • Provide¬† different variations so you can test for the optimal design and promotion using A/B and MVT (multivariate) testing

Strategy & Creative

A good landing page requires lots of upfront thinking and testing. What you think will be a winner page often is not. Testing requires good design and copy — and lots of it — as the platform allows you to do multivariate testing. Different graphics, subject lines and calls-to-action are all pitted against each other with the winner getting the bulk of the traffic and you the profits.

Landing Page Platform

As your prospects click on call-to-action links on an email or ab online ad, they are led to an interactive landing page that provides succinct information and clear choices that match interests and convert clickers to customers. Bottom line is, you have an in-depth dashboard and ways of tweaking the dials to drive business.

Think of landing pages as the most important conversion tool for search or email marketing. They can be created independently of your website and hosted on your site or our platform for ease of deployment.