Having a standalone landing page allows us to rapidly experiment with content, designs, and promotions and vary them dynamically to maximize results. OpenMoves can help design and code your landing page, direct traffic to a specific OM3 integrated forms and provide detailed reporting.

Custom, high-converting landing pages

  • Choose from one of our templates or have us start from scratch.
  • Full page background images and embed videos
  • Use your own custom domain
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive pages

SEO-Friendly Landing Pages

  • Provide us with text or have one of our copywriters write for you
  • All pages are optimized and reviewed for SEO and PPC
  • Dynamic titles, keywords and descriptions
  • Increase the quality score, ad rank, and message match of your paid advertising by passing in text dynamically using URL parameters

Real-time Reporting

  • Real-time data on how your pages are converting
  • Reporting on views, conversions and conversion rate
  • Get alerted as soon as a visitor fills out a form
  • Easily add your Google Analytics tracking

Advanced Features

  • A/B split testing to show random content to viewers
  • Easy to set up Lead Generation forms
  • Links can open pop-ups without leaving the page
  • Dynamic Headlines, content and Call-to-Action Buttons

Advanced Integration

  • Send leads where they’re needed automatically
  • Easily integrate with multiple CRMs including Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Infusionsoft.
  • Easily sync form data to your CRM
  • Data can be synced to OM3 at the same time