A blog is the perfect hub for social media and email campaigns as well as your SEO strategy.  Once the content on the blog is published, you can leverage it by posting to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and e-newsletter. Your blog becomes the central hub of your in-house content syndication network.

Readers will love your blog and interact with it and share the content in your industry. At the same time, Google loves to index blogs because they contain relevant keywords and are always up-to-date.  A successful blog will attract inbound links from relevant sites and will greatly enhance your search visibility.

While all too frequently, companies may be stuck with aging Web sites, a blog is easy to get running and easy to edit and easy to keep current. As a result, search engines love blogs – and so do people.

Blog Strategy and Brainstorming

We’ll start with a kick off call to brainstorm and strategize  your goals, understand your audience and preferences. We’ll have you fill out a simple questionnaire, which will keep all the details of the project documented. Then we’ll drill down:

  • Why a blog and who will read it
  • Key design and branding elements
  • Main categories and call-to-action
  • Content strategy

Creating a custom design

Once we have a basic design concept our design team will create a custom blog design that reflects your branding, colors, and complements  your web site. We’ll integrate into the design any calls-to-action as well as subscription forms to your newsletter and “Follow Us Category” with links to your social media.

Coding and integrating the blog

Next, we’ll integrate and code the blog design onto the WordPress platform. We’ll create a user-friendly navigation system, categories, and install the necessary plugins, widgets, and add-ons for optimal SEO, social sharing, and user engagement.


We’ll initially install on one of our test servers which will remain closed to the search engines until ready. If you already have a blog, we’ll port over all your content. Either way, we’ll undertake rigorous testing together before your blog goes live.

Content creation

Blogs take a lot of time to write, edit, and promote. That’s where we come in: you provide the inspiration we provide the perspiration. You provide the source of the content, and we can help build your blogging infrastructure and process.

Our Honey-do™ content services  If you need help with ongoing content leverage our Honey-do content services.  One of our editors will interview you and key staff members, research, source, write, post and promote articles for your blogs. We can help you establish an editorial calendar and provide a turnkey blog and social media marketing program.


Check out the OpenMoves E-Marketing Blog for lots more ideas on content creation, integration of your blog with your email strategy, and the importance of fresh content to the search engines!