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Creative Ads and Landing Page Performance: A Look Into What’s Working and Why

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As we look forward to the year ahead its always valuable to look back at your creative campaigns and learn from their performance. We’ve gathered a few of our top performing ads, landing pages and learnings to share with you.

When it comes to measuring creative performance, what works for one campaign does not necessarily work for all. Each brand and product has unique audience demographics, specific social platforms, different budgets and other factors that affect results. While there are many moving parts, we have pulled together our findings and key attributes that contributed to improved creative performance.

Based on those findings, here are some best practices from the past 12 months:

Video and Motion: campaigns with video and/or motion have  out -performed static ads. Consider a wide range of concepts and develop methodical tests to home in on the winners.

Sound on/off captions: Include the option to turn sound on or off. Using closed captions has been proven to increase viewing time.

Tailor creative to where it’s seen: Consider the social platform’s demographics and format. For instance, a LinkedIn ad should have a different tone and vibe than a Tiktok ad.

Let the brand breathe: Take the opportunity to loosen the rules on your brand guidelines and test a variety of concepts and messages. Use your paid social campaign as a testing ground that can inform the evolution of your brand.

Consider the customer journey: Tailor your ad creative based on your funnel. Prospects who have clicked on your ad or visited your website require different creative than those who  are not familiar with you.

Cater to shorter attention spans: We’ve found the optimal length for videos is between 5-15 seconds. 15-30 second videos are more appropriate for top of funnel prospects where users need more education about you.

UGC and influencers convey trust: Consider influencer campaigns using real customers. Use the influencer video assets to create and test commercial ads. Sometimes less slick is more authentic.

Test, review and analyze: Testing and optimizing ad creative continuously is essential to getting the most from your campaigns and increasing reviews.

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Great ads need high performing landing pages that entice prospects to take action. Here are our top performing landing pages and findings on why they’ve performed well:

High impact hero: The top area above the fold needs to captivate your audience quickly. It needs to work hard on many levels including conveying your value proposition, demonstrating your product or service and sharing the benefits and problems you are solving. Testing different heroes, including messaging, photography, video and CTAs, should be high on your priority list.

Present a single and focused call to action: Remove all other site links and navigation and force users to focus on one action, your primary conversion metric.

Focus on benefits over features: People need to know your product and services, but they are more likely to convert if they have a full understanding of the benefits they’ll receive.

Social proof: Building trust is key to keeping prospects on your page long enough to take action. Include third party reviews, awards, client logos, certifications and success stats to add credibility to your page.

Comparison charts: Your prospects are shopping for your products or services and comparing you to your competitors. Give them a chart or easy to scan content showing how you compare to your top competitors. This info can help them with their research and possibly take action on your page.

Optimize for mobile and make it fast: Avoid weighing down your landing page with unnecessary elements that’ll slow it down—everything you add should have a specific purpose. Many users are getting to your page from a paid social ad on the mobile device. Ensure your layouts are adapted with optimized views for mobile.

Test and update your landing pages: Best practices are important, but A/B and multivariate testing of your landing pages is the best way to ensure that you’re converting as much as a possible with your primary audience.

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