Case Study: Netsmart

Healthcare B2B Lead Generation – SEO and PPC

Multi-Channel Lead Generation for Enterprise Healthcare

Netsmart is a national leader in providing solutions, software and support to healthcare organizations serving communities like behavioral health, home care, and many others. Netsmart serves 560,000 users and 25,000+ organizations across the United States and has been operating for nearly 50 years.

Bottom-line results


Website users


Organic users


LinkedIn website users


PPC leads at below-target CPL

The Challenge

OpenMoves worked with Netsmart to plan and implement a complex multi-channel PPC and SEO approach focused on lead generation for enterprise healthcare clients. The goal was to increase relevant traffic, engagement, leads, while reducing cost per lead (CPL). The OpenMoves lead generation program included Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads and a full SEO solution.

Competing in a Complex Enterprise PPC Landscape

Healthcare technology is a very fast growing sector as providers of all types work to computerize medical records and leverage technology to provide better care. The sector is highly competitive, highly regulated, and requires selling to sophisticated executive decision makers.

To generate competitive advantage for Netsmart, OpenMoves employed a range of precision tactics including,

  • Leveraging Google Ads Demographics Features. Though Google Ads may generally be considered a keyword targeting platform, Google now offers advertisers many opportunities to target audience information like age, gender, household income, location, and more. Since the Netsmart audience is focused on a specific audience of B2B decision makers, OpenMoves worked with Netsmart to define and target the audience in Google Ads. In combination with effective keyword targeting this effort greatly improved conversion rates and allowed us to bid with confidence on even the most expensive and competitive keywords.
  • Maximizing the Low Funnel Audience. Netsmart’s solutions are highly considered purchases. Buyers evaluate Netsmart in comparison to competitive firms as well as their existing systems and must create complex implementation plans to effectively use Netsmart solutions. As such, the buyer’s journey is long and users need multiple touchpoints to make a decision. OpenMoves worked to fully maximize the low funnel audience with brand search, highly segmented and buyer-specific remarketing campaigns on Google and LinkedIn, a strong search remarketing campaign that layered broad keywords with website audience data, and more.
  • Highly Relevant Campaign and Creative Themes. Netsmart serves many different types of healthcare providers in different communities. In many cases, Netsmart’s solutions are completely customized to serve a specific audience and need. Because of this it was required to create tightly focused landing pages and creative messages for each community. By creating strong segments across all campaigns types and all channels, OpenMoves was able to present targeted relevant messages to the right audience at the right time.
  • Offering Value in Lead Generation. When you’re selling to an experienced enterprise customer, it’s not enough to just offer a contact form or a free proposal. Especially for higher-funnel campaigns, the Netsmart PPC effort always offered the user something of value, such as a whitepaper or case study download. In combination with precision targeting as mentioned above, every user saw a call to action that was both highly relevant and highly valuable.

“OpenMoves has been a fantastic partner in planning and executing an effective multi-channel marketing campaign that really matched our needs and goals. The OpenMoves team felt like an extension of my team, always responsive and with deep expertise in B2B marketing.”
– Vince Koehle, VP of Marketing


Enterprise SEO That Moves the Needle

Working in an enterprise SEO landscape requires more than just keywords and links. A successful SEO program for B2B enterprise requires effective communication across multiple stakeholders and internal teams, sophisticated planning around resource allocation, and effective sharing of industry-specific terminology and market details. To succeed in this challenging landscape OpenMoves has a strategic approach that includes,

  • Comprehensive Competitive Analysis. One of the most effective paths to understanding a complex industry and planning an effective enterprise SEO campaign is competitive analysis and industry overview. OpenMoves worked with Netsmart to understand their view on competition and merge that understanding with the SEO-specific competitive landscape. By reviewing the websites that were currently ranking and winning in each vertical, OpenMoves was able to extract specific insights on keyword strategy, design themes, important link sources and more.
  • Broad Guidance with Considered Priorities. For a business and website like Netsmart, there are practically limitless opportunities for optimization in one way or another. OpenMoves begins by scoping optimizations across major categories including technical SEO, on-page SEO, link building, design and usability, conversion rate optimization and analytics, and more. From there, we worked with the Netsmart team to understand their current internal resources and goals, prioritizing SEO projects based on a shared view of impact and effort.
  • Flexible, Responsive, Proactive. Working with large firms and SEO projects requires that SEO agencies adapt to client marketing schedules effectively. OpenMoves worked with Netsmart to proactively develop new ideas and SEO projects when the timing was right, while also being responsive and accommodating to Netsmart’s internal projects and goals. For example, during the OpenMoves SEO project Netsmart worked to develop and launch two new website design projects. During these new website projects, OpenMoves would pause on proactive projects and focus on analysis and SEO implementations for the new websites. Once the new sites launched, we returned to a our own set of priorities and tasks.

Results Summary:

  • More than 62% growth in total website users since the launch of the OM program
  • More than 50% growth in organic website users since the launch of the OM program
  • More than 70% growth in LinkedIn website users in 2018 vs. 2017
  • In 2018, Google Ads generated more than 500 leads at below-target CPL costs
  • Bing generated new efficiencies with CPL costs actually beating Google Ads


OpenMoves is proud to partner with Netsmart and other enterprise B2B firms to plan, launch and optimize effective digital lead generation campaigns. Our deep tactical expertise combined with an experienced team that understands how to get things done in an enterprise environment is what enables us to drive results in complex and competitive industries.

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