Case Study: Revactin Achieving 5X PPC Improvement in a Rock Hard Industry

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Case Study: Revactin

Achieving 5X PPC Improvement in a Rock Hard Industry

Achieving 5X PPC Improvement for Erectile Health Supplement

Revactin is a natural, daily supplement for men that supports erectile function. Revactin helps men support and maintain healthy sexual and erectile function throughout their lives through a proprietary formulation of scientifically proven ingredients including L-citrulline, muira puama, paullinia cupana and ginger.

Revactin is the culmination of more than a decade of research by an esteemed international team of leading doctors and scientists including Dr. Jacob Rajfer, a leading expert on erectile health and function whose work has been utilized in the development of products such as Viagra.

In working with OpenMoves, Revactin’s goal was to develop a digital paid media strategy on performance marketing channels including Facebook, Google and Amazon to drive awareness, sales and loyal subscribers. OpenMoves also provided marketing automation strategy and ongoing production to help Revactin stay top-of -mind with its prospects and customers.

Bottom-line results

Q3 2019

Revenue: Multiple Consecutive All-time Highs


Facebook PPC Efficiency


Amazon Business Revenue


YoY First-time Sales


Growth Email Marketing Revenue

PPC Challenges and Strategies

  • Ad Approvals and Messaging. One challenge we experienced right away with Revactin was getting approval to run ads for anything related to sexual health on Google, Facebook, and Amazon. All of these platforms initially rejected advertising efforts due to their policies. However, by working with our platform agency support teams and continually tweaking and refining ad messages to fit the subtleties of ad policy we were able to get strong and consistent ad delivery across channels. Our team learned various niche aspects of ad policy around sexual health, and working with the Revactin creative team we were able to develop creative messages that explained the product and drove performance while still meeting policy.
  • Building Amazon from Scratch. A major win we had with Revactin was helping them to create a new presence on Amazon. This included not only the Amazon PPC strategy but their overall product listing and brand page on Amazon. We quickly found that Amazon became a key sales channel with some Amazon representing almost half of new orders in some months. The OpenMoves team implemented a range of Amazon media strategies including brand targeting, competitive targeting, keyword and category targeting, and more, as well as advising Revactin on Amazon best practices for organic sales as well.
  • Rapid Multi-Channel Testing. Revactin was a complex multi-channel effort right from the beginning. OpenMoves worked with Revactin to launch and manage PPC campaigns on Googe, Bing, Facebook, Amazon, and several different programmatic channels. We also explored a range of direct media buying options including on adult websites through the TrafficJunky platform. We were quick to launch, measure and iterate on the overall media strategy finding winners and stopping losing efforts fast. In the end, the Facebook/Instagram PPC platform proved to be our overall top performer, but many other channels remain active in different roles.
  • Data-Driven Audience Experimentation. The Revactin buyer audience is potentially very large – the product has appeal to most men in the USA and abroad. Given a limited budget and focus on performance, we had to narrow our audiences to only the highest ROAS audiences. We deployed a large number of audiences on Facebook including segmentation by age groups, interests, relationship status, funnel position and more. We tested groups like smokers, supplement takers, married and divorced, and more. Through efficient and cost-effective testing we were able to focus ad spend on high-ROAS groups and also learn more about the marketplace.
  • Creative and Category Messaging. Revactin had a great creative team and a number of assets and messages to test. It was a challenge to figure out how to message for Revactin, which is a unique product within the category and requires consumer education about complex and sensitive subjects to really make the sale. We worked with the Revactin team and our Facebook/Instagram support team to combine platform best practices with Revactin’s unique message to find winning ad units. Revactin operated creative in formats including carousels, static banners, short videos and more with video and static image creative typically driving the best results.

“The OpenMoves team was very effective at getting a PPC strategy built and running for Revactin. Where we’d previously struggled to even get ads to serve and deliver, OpenMoves was not only able to get our accounts online but generating a positive ROAS and substantially growing the business. The OpenMoves team was professional, knowledgeable, and gave us great advice.”

-Josh Oboler, COO Revactin

Marketing Automation

Email marketing is one of the best methods to nurture a prospect to an order as well as stay top of mind for renewals of services. OpenMoves leveraged the Klaviyo email platform and Shopify backend to create a variety of automated emails such as welcome series, cart abandonment, and browse abandonment emails that helped increase conversions. Additionally, regular ad-hoc emails and top of mind drips were effective in increasing customer retention. Ongoing improvements in automation, messaging, and segmenting has helped increase email marketing sales by 30%.


Revactin was a fun and challenging PPC project for OpenMoves. Though our team has substantial experience working with supplements and other health products this was our first experience with the erectile support category and brought us a number of unique challenges across channels and creative. The OpenMoves PPC is available for new client opportunities in the supplements and ED industry. If you need profitable ecommerce marketing that lasts more than 4 hours, contact the OpenMoves team today.

Our Results

  • Overall Revactin revenue achieved multiple consecutive all-time highs in Q3 2019
  • Facebook PPC efficiency improved by more than 5X in 2019 compared to 2018
  • Amazon results went from zero to nearly 40% of total business revenue
  • Year over year first-time sales grew by more than 150% in 2019
  • 30% growth in email marketing revenue