Case Study: How Snow Joe Doubled Year over Year Revenue with eCommerce PPC

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Case Study: Snow Joe

How Snow Joe Doubled Year over Year Revenue with eCommerce PPC

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Snow Joe is an extremely successful wholesale manufacturer of eco-friendly lawn and garden equipment, including snow blowers, lawn mowers, pressure washers and many other tools used for home and garden projects. Founded in 2004, Snow Joe has grown from a single product startup to one of the most dominant brands in the industry. Its products are sold via various marketplace channels, its direct-to-consumer website, and through brick-and-mortar retail stores l across the country and around the world.

OpenMoves has worked with Snow Joe’s D2C division since 2014 across multiple channels including SEO, email marketing, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. During that period, we saw Snow Joe’s online sales grow by leaps and bounds every year as Snow Joe grew from an early-stage business to a major brand.

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The Challenge

“We want to double our revenue”

At the beginning of 2018, the Snow Joe team proposed an ambitious goal to OpenMoves: doubling overall website revenue compared to the past year. The team worked to assemble a comprehensive digital strategy which focused on PPC, but included elements of conversion rate optimization, SEO strategy, and overall ecommerce strategy. We ultimately did succeed in this goal, with overall 2018 online revenue doubling compared to 2017.

The Solution

How did we do it? With great support from the Snow Joe team, OpenMoves was able to implement a set of winning digital media strategies including,

Aggressive Implementation of Smart Shopping campaigns. Snow Joe was the perfect candidate for Google’s Smart Shopping campaign format, which proved to be very efficient in improving both ROAS and scale. This was a major migration as Snow Joe had previously been using a complex layered standard Shopping campaign structure which had to be unwound strategically.

Total Facebook Overhaul. In 2017, Snow Joe’s Facebook PPC project was managed by an outside partner. OpenMoves took over in 2018. Through the year, we were able to reduce FB PPC cost by more than 50% while still growing Facebook PPC revenue and reallocating the savings into other channels. We accomplished this with a total overhaul, including a complete refresh of audience strategy, a revitalized remarketing strategy, improved use of Facebook’s bidding and optimization features and more.

Weather-Based Bidding on Search. Snow Joe’s seasonal product catalog, especially its snow blowers and other winter tools, are heavily impacted by weather conditions. Obviously, snow blowers sell better during snowstorms! By connecting with a 3rd party weather-based bidding tool, OpenMoves was able to integrate automated weather-based bidding into key campaigns, allowing Snow Joe to bid more heavily during storms in specific regions.

Incorporating Conversion Rate Optimization. As the team focused on the mechanics and strategy of media buying, it was also important for us to provide feedback to the Snow Joe team on website strategy and messaging improvements that could lift results. OpenMoves provided extensive suggestions to Snow Joe on how best to optimize landing pages, organize category and product structure, deal with channel conflicts, and more.

Shopping Feed and Pixel Optimizations. Snow Joe’s ecommerce setup was complex and largely custom-built. This led to a need for extensive technical efforts to review, test and optimize the Facebook Pixel implementation to make sure that all of the key Facebook ecommerce events were effectively captured. We also had to work with Snow Joe’s development team to troubleshoot and optimize the Snow Joe product feed used in both Google and Facebook to ensure that all available data and promotions were passed through to the platforms in real time.

Partnering with Snow Joe was an exciting opportunity for OpenMoves since we were able to see the brand blossom and work together with the Snow Joe team to drive profitable customer acquisition through digital marketing. We’re proud of the results we were able to generate for Snow Joe, including:

  • Doubling overall website revenue year over year 2 years in a row
  • Consistently exceeding 200% ROAS in PPC campaigns
  • Scaling search budget 3X in 2018 while maintaining ROAS
  • Improving Facebook PPC efficiency by 5X compared to past results


Snow Joe is an incredible American success story and OpenMoves is proud to play a role in the brand’s growth and success. Through a comprehensive digital media strategy and highly optimized media buying implementations, OpenMoves was able to double website revenue year over year while retaining profitability.

OpenMoves is a performance marketing agency with proven success in driving profitable growth for ecommerce brands using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and SEO. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business grow through performance digital media management.

“We’ve really appreciated the partnership with OpenMoves. They are a great team of digital professionals that played an important role in creating growth for the Snow Joe business online. They are always responsive, professional, bottom-line oriented and overall a great firm to work with.”

-Lauren Sahalon, Snow Joe’s VP of Special Projects + Lead Recruiter