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Brand Background
The Property Assessment Correction Group (PACG), a Property Tax Grievance agency, offered a great product (who wouldn’t want to reduce their property taxes!?) but struggled with branding. OpenMoves helped PACG to add some “zap” to their brand identity and reinforce their promise of getting rapid results. Thus, the transformation to ZapMyTax, a vibrant brand that Suffolk County, NY homeowners can get excited about.

The Challenge
The company had 3 primary objectives as they launched their website,

1.    Drive traffic to the site, from direct mail, organic search, and pay per click
2.    Engage visitors, educate them, show them real examples of savings in their neighborhoods
3.    Enable customers to submit an online application

Each of these objectives required a unique technology solution.

The Solution
zap-car1OpenMoves created a website that maintains the same look and feel as the direct mail pieces, online ads and even the company’s Smart Car.

The homepage explains how simple and “no-risk” it is to learn about the grievance process, and to apply online at  Other pages explain the tax grievance process, provide FAQs, examine the homeowner’s mortgage escrow impact, and even make a case for filing a grievance if you are selling your house.  The entire site is heavily tagged and coded with an ever-expanding list of keywords to help drive organic search traffic.  The site is also integrated with the company’s social media strategy: visitors are invited to connect on LinkedIn, friend on Facebook, or follow on Twitter.

The highlight of the site is a flash “ZapMap” which shows real homes with real savings in Suffolk County. Prospects can then click on their own town to see house photos with street names and actual tax savings.  While this was a technological challenge to develop, it was worth it – when people see their own neighbors saving money, it helps drive them to do the same.

Finally, we streamlined the process by enabling customers to apply online, even adding signature-capturing functionality so the application is legal and ready to be processed. Each completed applicaton generates and email notification to a ZapMyTax admin.

The Result
The site went live in January 2010, and thanks to our integrated search engine strategy, site traffic exploded 10-fold within a few months. This helped ZapMyTax acquire a record number of online customers in time for the May 2010 application season. We are already  make additional site enhancements and marketing tactics to make the 2011 season an even bigger success.

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