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Ernan Roman, one of OpenMoves’ clients, is a direct marketing expert. He recently attended the DM Days conference and shared his insights with his readers in his most recent newsletter.

Here are the high-level points; view his most recent newsletter for the full details:

  • 1. Social Media is not Necessarily “Social”
  • 2. Multichannel Integration is Still a Challenge
  • 3. Three Levels of Trust are Required
  • 4. Consumers now are in control. Marketers must re-think traditional “CRM” strategies
  • 5. Engaging customers in deeper levels of relationships will result in significantly increased revenue and LTV

Sharing timely insights with your clients via email like Ernan did is a smart practice – it adds value and keeps customers engaged with your brand. Talk to us about how we can help you make your email newsletters fresh and relevant, no matter what your mailing frequency is.

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