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Launching an E-Newsletter? You Need A Little List!

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Starting a corporate email newsletter can be daunting. What is by far the #1 reason why a company is reluctant to launch its own e-newsletter?

Is it the expense? Nope.

Is it the time it takes to create an email newsletter each and every month? Uh-Uh.

So what is it then?

Marketing managers tell us they haven’t a clue as to what they’re going to write about each issue. How are they going to fill all that space with quality content, they ask?

In fact, we see it ourselves with our email clients. When a company signs with OpenMoves to create a monthly e-newsletter, as part of the service they get to have yours truly call them each month for a phone conference to plan content. Initially, the client usually confesses they have no idea what to include in that month’s issue.

But, together, we discuss the company’s focus that month, whether it has any “specials” available, what has occurred in the last 30 days, industry news, and so on. By the end of the call, we’ve compiled a whole list of topics, usually much more than can fit in the e-newsletter’s real estate.

Then we let the client in on our Secret #1 to avoiding e-newsletter panic in subsequent issues, the secret to always being prepared with relevant content for your next email newsletter!

And now we’re going to share that secret with you:

  • you absolutely need is “a little list.” It can be on paper, it can be in your smartphone, it can be in your PC, it really doesn’t matter. But it must be handy at all times.
  • And you need to remember that you have that list. If you create one and subsequently forget about it, you accomplish nothing.
  • Now, whenever ANYTHING happens at work that might, that could, that will interest your e-newsletter’s readers, jot it down! You just got a new contract — jot it down! You just hired a new marketing manager — jot it down! You have a new product on the drawing boards — jot it down! Your management has a point-of-view regarding the economy – you got it … jot it down!

We assure you … by the end of each month, when it comes time to decide what will content run in your next e-newsletter, you’ll have more than enough interesting content. And, best of all, there will be no need to panic that you have nothing to write about.

Now you’ll excuse us … we’re starting to panic a bit. We have another blog post we need to write fairly soon. What the heck are we going to write about?

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