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Folders are Coming!

 In Email Marketing, OpenMoves Email System

On Wednesday, November 26, 2014, OpenMoves will be launching a way to keep campaigns, templates, reports, segments and programs better organized. Folders are coming! This feature has been a popular request, and now it will be available to all.

drag and drop folders

How will folders be useful?

Folders are a great way to keep organized, particularly for customers with large numbers of campaigns, reports and templates, but they’ll provide even more than that. For example, within the reports section, the totals of opens and clicks columns will be calculated per folder. So, grouping similar campaigns together will deliver a great way for getting overall top-level statistics.

What will I be able to put in folders?

Folders will be available for campaigns, templates, reports, segments and programs.

Are folders replacing tags?

No, tags will exist alongside folders. And folders will be available to all users in all accounts at no charge.

I don’t want folders. Will I be able to turn them off?

For users who don’t feel they will be useful, folders can be hidden by using the Display button on the relevant page.

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