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How to utilize AI for email marketing

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AI or “Artificial Intelligence” has been the talk of the town and it’s the same for the email marketing world, but AI has been around for a while. AI is already used for many aspects of Email Marketing to help improve personalization, targeting and efficiency – and you’re probably already using it without knowing it!  

Here are a few of the top ways to AI is being utilized for email marketing and how it can help you: 

Personalization: You may not have known this but you typical “Merge mail” is actually powered by AI. This same concept in email marketing allows you to tailor your email content to each recipient by dynamically inserting personalized elements, such as the recipient’s name, location, or past purchase details. Additionally, AI-powered algorithms can analyze customer behavior and interests to recommend products or services that are most likely to appeal to each individual. You’re probably already using cart or browse abandonment emails and you can further utilize AI by adding personalization to suggest products that customers may like based on their behavior or browsing!  

Subject line optimization: AI can analyze vast amounts of data to determine which subject lines are most likely to generate higher open rates and even suggest alternative subject likes based on keywords. By testing and refining subject lines, AI algorithms can help you craft compelling and attention-grabbing subject lines that resonate with your audience. 

Content generation: AI can assist in generating email content, including product descriptions, email copy, and even entire emails. By utilizing natural language generation (NLG) algorithms, AI can save you time and effort in content creation, ensuring consistency and coherence in your messaging. Some AI software can even suggest what imagery to use with your content. 

Send time optimization: AI algorithms can analyze historical data to determine the best time to send emails to maximize open and click-through rates. By considering factors like time zones and recipient behavior patterns, AI can help you schedule emails to reach recipients when they are most likely to engage. (If you’re an OpenMoves OM3 customer, this feature is built right into your system! Schedule a call with your account manager to discuss how to best utilize this feature!) 

Automated workflows: Nearly every email platform has AI-powered automation to assist with various tasks, such as sending welcome email series based off actions like open/clicks, abandoned cart reminders with suggestions/recommendations, or follow-up sequences based on customer actions or triggers. AI-powered automation helps you nurture leads, improve customer engagement, and save time.  

Keep in mind that continually monitoring and adjusting your strategies based on the specific needs and preferences of your audience is still important when using AI. Even though AI can help, you know your business best and sometimes manually checking your emails will help with inaccurate data or even content/strategies that may not fit your business/customers. 

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