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Introducing the OM2 email platform

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OM2 Dash

Exciting news! We just launched our new OM2 email platform and we will be transitioning existing clients over the next few months. Here’s your sneak peek into just a few of the enhancements we’re excited to start sharing with you…

User Interface
The new user interface provides more information with fewer clicks. Easy links let you start your campaign, get support, or view your reports.

Email Creation & Testing
Curious about how your email will look to everyone when it arrives? With a single click, OM2 will send a copy of your email to all of the major email programs (Outlook, Lotus Notes, Yahoo!, Gmail, etc.) and provide a screen shot report on how well your email will render for everybody. Integrated testing provides you a SPAM score before sending out that important email. We’ve added new tools that enable you to pull in data via RSS, manage and manipulate your images, automatically convert HTML email to text and easily create secure forms.

Advanced Reporting (beyond open and clicks)
The new system provides robust reporting, with ease of use. Get a high-level view of how many new subscribers you’ve gotten, over any timeframe. You can drill down to the individual subscriber level and see a complete history of opens and click through activity over any time frame. You can easily filter your subscriber list on criteria you determine and create a unique list that you can act upon. Share information easily: export your results to a PDF and when needed, provide access to reports only (without full access to your account).

Extend your data baseom2-share
If you are using CRM, you will be now able now be able to integrate some key functionality (more CRM integrations to follow next year). Your subscribers can now receive your updates via an RSS feed. Subscribers can now share email content with various social networks – all with the click of a button from your email (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…)

Triggers & Autoresponders
Automate your best practices and tips using a new powerful Autoresponder that let you set the time, frequency and criteria of delivery. Trigger an email based on behavioral data (opened or did not open certain email, clicked on a specific web link…) or demographic criteria by industry, zip code, or any other relevant criteria.

Check out our demo or contact us to learn more about the new OM2 email platform.

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