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Link Labeling

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Link Labeling

Tracking click-activity through a list of ultra long links can be trying. Introducing…. Link Labeling. Now you can control the way you display and review URLs in the email campaign report manager.

Even with the most organized campaign, you need to document links from your email to each and every landing page in order to manage your metric reports. And for many web sites, the URLs may not be friendly. Take for example, this web system generated link from a recent campaign to a blog posting:

Link labeling allows you to control your URL names after the campaign has been distributed. Once applied, the naming convention trickles through all your previous emails, assigning the name tag to past, present and future campaigns.

So, that long URL won’t cause you any more grief! And, if you’ve made some keystroke errors during production and sent off a campaign with the wrong link, well this new feature will save you from sending a correction campaign. Link labeling is available for traditional campaigns, autoresponders, triggers and split tests.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1. Create intelligent labels for URLs included in your campaign. Rename the long system generated URL sampled above to something like: Blog Posting:Social Media.

Step 2. After a campaign has been released, click Reports in the left-hand navigation and select the campaign you want to review

Step 3. Under the graph on the report, you’ll see Clicks Details. In the dropdown menu next to it, click and select Link Labeling.

Click Details

Step 4. You will then see a header. Unique Links will always display the full URL, while Link Label will display the label you assign for that URL. Under Action, you’ll see an icon where you can create and update a Link Label.


Step 5. After clicking the Action icon, a window will pop up with the full URL and the option for you to create whatever internal label you choose. Click Save and that label will be saved. You can later go back and edit that label whenever you’d like.

Modify Link Label

Enjoy this new feature and keep posted for more innovations!

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