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New LinkedIn Features for B2B Businesses

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Are you using your company’s LinkedIn page effectively? If you are a B2B business you may have a company page but you should now step it up with some new functionality that was recently released by LinkedIn. You can now post relevant updates on your company page – making it easier to connect with your clients, prospects, and referral sources – and monitor results with some shiny, new reporting tools.

These new features allow you to update news directly from your company page just as you would on your personal page. Talk about new services, product releases, webinar and seminar invitations, white papers, etc… Best practice it to keep your company updates short and relevant and link them to relevant pages on your blog, Web site or YouTube.

You’ll be able to track impressions and engagement. For example, an update with 1,200 impressions and 0.31% engagement means that the status was viewed 1,200 times and 0.31% of the total impressions engaged the member enough to like, comment, or share. These numbers update daily.

Here’s some information about the new features and a few examples from Rackspace Hosting.

Rackspace Hosting is using updates to engage with their audience with relevant information such as a blog article about 10 questions to ask… And it’s linked to their blog.

Learn more about the LinkedIn features for company updates and step up your LinkedIn activity and you’ll be rewarded.

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