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Super Easy Drag & Drop Editor

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Fashionably late for the new year but all dressed up and ready to go… OpenMoves announces the drag and drop EasyEditor. It’s going to change the way you edit email templates, forever.

Every email account with OpenMoves includes EasyEditor templates in the template library. With little or no HTML knowledge, the EasyEditor empowers you to edit and change your email with flexibility and control, even if you are an email novice. Just drag, drop, duplicate, delete, resize and reformat any element in your template at the click of your mouse.

OpenMoves email clients can choose between the classic WYSIWYG and EasyEditor editors. One size does not fit all and providing options for all levels of expertise helps our customers concentrate on content and deadlines while we develop technology.

If one of your new year’s business resolutions was to deliver monthly email marketing campaigns for 2012, the EasyEditor will slash the time it takes your team to create and edit your email campaign. Imagine being able to open your template, take your mouse and simply:

Drag and drop text boxes, images, columns, tables, spacers and borders into your template.
Click and drag to resize columns, drop columns within columns and change your template layout in less than a minute.
Add, move, duplicate, paste and delete any element of a template you choose.
Change the background colors of any part of your template, independently and in a mouse click – with a live preview.
Style and format hyperlinks in one place, in seconds, with the Link Manager pop-up.
Drag and drop personalization anywhere you want in your template.
Insert, edit and style text and content just as easily as if you were using Word.
Plus – no more counting pixels – Easy Editor’s auto image resizing means your images will ALWAYS fit the area.

Contact OpenMoves for a free 30 day OM3 demo account and try the new EasyEditor yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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