"E-Marketing Tips For Casual Game Companies"

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Thought you might be interested in a “how to” article that was JUST printed in “Casual Connect Magazine” and is now on their Web site — with tips on the best way casual game companies can use e-newsletters for their e-marketing.

“With rare exceptions, the e-marketing goals of game developers are typically to generate repeat business, create communities around their games, and drive traffic to their websites …”


Meanwhile, don’t miss the story on Gamasutra.com about the brave developers of premium free-to-play Flash games who have made the leap to generating cash through microtransactions. There are now eight reader comments at the end … feel free to add your own!

“When someone like EA plans to join in, the competition will mean that Flash game development will radically increase in quality, players will enjoy the games more, they’ll play them for a longer time, and then spend more money on them. I think you’re seeing just the tip of the iceberg here.”

And you can still find the story on Gamasutra.com about the developers who are saying good-bye to the retail game sector to find opportunities in the wild and wooly west of social networks like Facebook and MySpace.

“If you like the idea of actually shipping a game on a regular basis, if you don’t want to bet three years of your life and then maybe the game gets canceled without ever coming out, then social gaming is for you.”

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Paul Hyman
“The Game Master” & Editor-In-Chief

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