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How a fashion startup leveraged Facebook and Instagram to grow revenue by 200% in 2 years.


Brass Clothing is a startup fashion brand focused on manufacturing beautiful and high quality clothing for a community of smart, strong, passionate women. Brass engaged OpenMoves to operate a PPC campaign focused on acquiring new customers through media buying on Facebook and Instagram. Through the campaign, OpenMoves helped Brass reach millions of target customers and grow the overall business more than 200% in revenue. The proof is in the numbers:


Lifetime Facebook/
Instagram ROAS


Purchases from


Revenue generated
from Facebook/Instagram


Total revenue growth


  • I’m thrilled with the results that we’ve seen with OpenMoves. In the past month, we actually hit above our projections by 15%, which was thrilling for us. They are smart, strategic experts at PPC, and they really understand customer service and provide a great customer.

    Katie Demo, Co-Founder, Brass Clothing
    Katie Demo, Co-Founder, Brass Clothing


Women’s apparel has a very crowded online marketplace with many highly established competitors, brands, and distribution channels. Brass needed to identify and reach their target audience with precision, present a brand and creative message that was instantly compelling, and optimize towards tight business objectives on ROAS and CPA through a complex seasonality curve.

OpenMoves succeeded through advanced audience targeting strategies, complex technical structures in campaigns and bidding strategy, and great support from Brass in creative strategy and brand voice.


Total lifetime campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager


Ad variations tested at scale

Primary Goals

3X ROAS across total media plan

Focus on acquiring new customers at a profitable CPA

Manage performance and budget based on weekly goals

Deploy new creative rapidly based on seasons, styles, and collections

video mobile images
video mobile images
video mobile images


  • It was exciting to work with Katie the founder and be part of a growing brand with great products and a great story. The project was interesting because it was both really analytical and technical, but also as a fashion brand it was very influenced by creative and narrative. The left-brain / right-brain dynamic made this project unique, one day we would be deep into complex projections in Excel and the next we’d be talking about photoshoots and storytelling.

    Dave, Sr. PPC Analyst, OpenMoves
    Dave, Sr. PPC Analyst, OpenMoves

The Solution

Advanced Audience Strategies. The Brass target demographic had many precise characteristics that needed laser focused targeting. This included using Facebook’s detailed targeting tools to narrow by profession, education, location and more while also deploying lookalike audiences and 3rd party data sources.

Precision Analytics and Forecasting. The women’s apparel industry has a complex seasonal and promotional cycle, and Brass needed to project and achieve weekly goals to manage cashflow, production, and more. OpenMoves worked closely with Brass to develop a unique weekly reporting and attribution methodology.

Shared Creative Optimization. OpenMoves worked closely with Brass to rapidly build and deploy a large volume of unique creative messages. We leveraged the full range of Facebook formats including carousel ads, videos, static images and dynamic remarketing ads to showcase the Brass line and communicate the brand message effectively.

Precision Facebook Mechanics. Succeeding with Brass required not just generating reach and revenue, but hitting tight targets on ROAS and CPA. We needed to work to aggressively drive profitability through media buying. Doing this meant tight control on Facebook mechanics including bidding strategy, placement selection, dayparting, geotargeting and more.

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