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How an Innovative Supplements Brand Grew Online Revenue by 45% YoY


BodyBio engaged OpenMoves to reboot and optimize PPC and SEO across multiple platforms and channels. Working across channels including Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Criteo and Amazon, OpenMoves was able to grow total ecommerce sales for BodyBio by more than 45% in 2019 compared to 2018, making 2019 an all-time high for BodyBio’s total revenue.

BodyBio is a unique brand of supplements committed to developing products that improve the health of the trillions of cells that make up the fabric of human life. Since 1998 over 2000 healthcare practitioners around the world have entrusted BodyBio to their patients.

BodyBio chose OpenMoves to help lead a significant digital marketing transformation effort in 2018. Prior to working with us, BodyBio had limited digital advertising experience, with most BodyBio products sold through physicians and other offline channels. OpenMoves and the BodyBio team worked together to bring the brand online and optimize for direct to consumer sales online. Ultimately, we were able to drive BodyBio towards their best year ever for total sales, including:


YoY revenue growth


ACOS on Amazon


Overall PPC ROAS


Growth in PPC


  • OpenMoves played a critical role in helping BodyBio’s strategic evolution into a D2C ecommerce brand. Their team helped us launch PPC campaigns across many channels and drive significant growth with maintaining a profitable ROAS on our spending as well. The OpenMoves team are always responsive, professional and experts in their fields. We had our best year ever in 2019 and OpenMoves was a big part of that success!

    Jessica Kane Berman, BodyBio, Head of Marketing
    Jessica Kane Berman, BodyBio, Head of Marketing


BodyBio had a number of challenges in launching and optimizing their digital marketing efforts. The supplements industry is crowded with many competitive brands and products, meaning BodyBio’s messaging had to work hard to ensure the brand’s medical and scientific track record was clear.

Like any ecommerce advertiser, BodyBio had the challenge of spending media dollars effectively and profitably, driving growth in revenue while also making sure each channel was spending profitable. These media buying decisions are made more complex for a brand like BodyBio because of customer lifetime value calculations. In the supplements industry, new customer acquisition is key, and some prospecting campaigns can tolerate lower ROAS if the LTV is strong.

Finally, as a supplement BodyBio had regulatory issues in what claims can be made in advertising messages. It was key that OM and BodyBio worked together to find language that communicated and persuaded effectively without making specific medical claims.

Primary Goals

  • Grow yearly revenue significantly through digital media
  • Maintain profitable ROAS across channels and campaigns
  • Drive new user acquisition and awareness
  • Improve rankings and organic positioning for key terms
  • Allocate media across high performance products
video mobile images
video mobile images
video mobile images


  • BodyBio’s PPC effort was complex to manage due to the sheer number of active channels and campaigns - we were running media on Google, Bing, Facebook, Criteo, Amazon, WalMart and others, both in the US and the UK. It was a lot of different platforms to measure and spending efficiently across them required a lot of complicated media planning. In the end though it was very rewarding helping a great brand like BodyBio build their digital strategy and we were all very happy with the 2019 results being an all-time high.

    Dave, PPC Specialist, OpenMoves
    Dave, PPC Specialist, OpenMoves

The Solution

Remarketing Success with Criteo. BodyBio was unable to use Google Dynamic Remarketing due to Google’s regulations on health and medical remarketing lists. After exploring the landscape and testing multiple platforms and options, we implemented a remarketing campaign with Criteo that was a major winner, driving sales profitably at a low cost.

Aggressive Amazon Advertising Growth. OpenMoves launched BodyBio’s Amazon Advertising account in 2018, and while we started small, this quickly became one of our top spending and top producing channels. OpenMoves managed a number of Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns for BodyBio and achieved an ACOS of under 20% on average.

Driving Awareness and Retention with Facebook/Instagram Ads. We found strong initial success with the FB/IG ads platform in remarketing and retention campaigns for BodyBio. Over time, we were also able to develop successful prospecting campaigns on Facebook using a set of interest-based audiences combined with lookalike targeting and optimized creative.

ECommerce Success with Smart Shopping. We saw fast and consistent success for BodyBio with Google Shopping, which generated both strong volume and ROAS. We tested Google’s Smart Shopping compared to Standard Shopping and found Smart to be the consistent winner. Though we had to accept giving up some control on keywords and query optimizations, it was worth it to capitalize on Google’s automation.

Expanding Organic Search Visibility. OpenMoves focused heavily on addressed underlying technical SEO issues with the site (non-secure internal links, broken links, missing images, crawlability, etc.). Additionally, working in tandem with content experts at BodyBio, we executed content optimization efforts and optimized the blog to positively affect the site’s organic search presence. Despite some cannibalization from the expanded paid advertising campaigns, organic search growth was solid: Traffic (+11%), Transactions (+17%) and Ecommerce Conversion Rates (+5%), and Revenue (+4%) all increased in 2019.

Reaching the UK. Though BodyBio’s main target audience was the USA and American shoppers, BodyBio also has a UK presence and OpenMoves helped to manage their UK advertising campaigns. We found that our learnings and strategies from the US translated well to the UK, with a few exceptions: for example we saw much less Bing usage in the UK. Though the spend was smaller, our UK effort was very successful with PPC ROAS exceeding 400% typically.

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