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How OpenMoves Scaled and Optimized International
B2B Lead Generation for an Enterprise IT Security Brand


Corero Network Security plc is a global leader in real-time, high-performance, automatic Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber defense solutions. Service Providers, Hosting providers and Digital Enterprises across the globe rely on Corero’s award winning cybersecurity technology to eliminate the threat of DDoS to their digital environment through automatic attack detection and mitigation, coupled with network visibility, analytics and reporting. Corero’s industry leading SmartWall and SecureWatch technology provides scalable protection capabilities against external DDoS attackers and internal DDoS botnets in the most complex edge and subscriber environments, while enabling a more cost-effective economic model than previously available. Corero is a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange.

OpenMoves has been working with Corero as the PPC agency of record since 2019. Our team provides Corero with PPC planning, management and optimization services across platforms including Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads. We operate today globally for Corero in multiple different markets supporting Corero’s worldwide efforts to grow and provide real-time, high-performance, automatic DDoS defense solutions around the world.


YoY growth in total
media scale


YoY growth in PPC


Global Markets supported
including NA, LATAM, EU, APAC


  • The OpenMoves team has been our PPC partner for several years and we always feel confident they are managing our accounts and media budgets wisely and getting the best results possible given our markets and budgets. Their team is highly responsive, flexible and professional and always willing to work with us to launch new markets, strategies, and messaging.

    Brian Hawthorne, Sr. Director of Marketing


Like most enterprise B2B lead generation projects, our media strategy for Corero had to manage multiple challenges to reach real prospects and drive actual business. As everyone knows in B2B lead gen, getting a form submitted is easy, but driving an actual sale through PPC is much more difficult.

Corero’s primary market is DDoS protection. Corero mainly serves high-ticket, enterprise customers. However, the DDoS search landscape is very messy and includes lots of information and research queries, low-end solutions and buyers, and people who are actually looking to implement a DDoS attack, rather than recover from one. The messy search landscape was our first challenge to overcome.

A second key challenge, common to almost all B2B lead gen PPC, was measuring real success from click to form-fill to sale. Corero’s sale cycle is long, the value of the order is high, and the buyer may interact across multiple touch points before making a purchase. The analytics and attribution aspect of this media buy is therefore very important.

Finally, we have the issue of cost and competition. Queries related to IT Security, DDoS defense, and similar tend to be very expensive. Similarly, on the social side, targeting VPs of IT or CIOS was also costly. This meant that our media and messaging had to be very tight and efficient to make sure no expensive clicks were wasted.

Primary Goals

Focus on high-ticket enterprise lead-gen and exclude the majority of search queries for low-end solutions

Buyers may interact across multiple touch points before making a purchase so a key goal was to measure success from click, to form-fill, to sale

Create ongoing efficiencies and optimizations to ensure expensive clicks were not wasted


  • Corero is a great example of our typical path to success for B2B lead generation PPC. We start out with a tough picture including a competitive market, high media costs, and a messy and complicated marketing tech and analytics picture. Over time, working on a tight media plan, eliminating waste incrementally, and clarifying and integrating martech gets us to where we need to be: buying the right media, generating scale, and measuring with precision end to end.

    Perikles, Paid Media Strategist
    Perikles, Paid Media Strategist

The Solution

HubSpot CRM Integration and Analysis. Fortunately, Corero migrated to HubSpot during our PPC implementation. The OpenMoves team loves using HubSpot to measure PPC success since the platform is robust, multi-touch, and easy to use. Our media team is always willing to dive into the HubSpot platform to review lead status in addition to looking at PPC reporting. By marrying HubSpot lead data with Google Ads, Analytics and Paid Social data, our teams were able to get a much more comprehensive view of real PPC success.

Scaling Internationally. Though we started with Corero in just the American market, our media planning now extends to Europe, LATAM and Asia Pacific, with more potential markets in consideration. The international marketing supports Corero’s global mission, but also allows PPC to access less expensive and competitive markets where media can really overperform. For example, we found LinkedIn InMail ads to be great in the LATAM market, while they’ve generally struggled in the USA.

Audience Layering and Testing. On both paid search and paid social we found it key to develop tight audience targeting and layer multiple audience factors together to make sure we were reaching the right audience. Especially on Google Ads, we used elements like company size, industry, and more to include only real enterprise buyers and exclude students, amateur hackers, and low-end prospects.

Rigid Keyword Mechanics. Corero is a classic example of the value of strong keyword mechanics. We worked hard to develop comprehensive, strict, strong, exact match keyword lists, further supported by negative keyword lists and aggressively optimized to quality score growth. Over time this has allowed us to compete and win in even the most expensive markets where less structured PPC efforts simply get crushed by CPC.

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