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How SCORE Improved Conversions by Over 60% with OpenMoves SEM + Creative


SCORE is the nation’s largest group of volunteer, expert business mentors. Its mission is to foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education. Funded partly through the U.S. Small Business Administration, SCORE aims to give every person the support they need to thrive as a small business owner

OpenMoves has been engaged with SCORE to take over management of Google Ads across multiple accounts and strategies. OpenMoves also works with SCORE on creative and conversion rate optimization efforts to improve SEM results.


Increase in Conversions


Improvement in CPA


Improvement in CPC


Improvement from Traffic


  • Working with OpenMoves has absolutely helped SCORE improve our Google Ads results. The OpenMoves team has been responsive and supportive and overall our Google Ads accounts are driving greatly improved results since the relationship began. SCORE’s SEM situation is unique and complex, and OpenMoves went above and beyond to understand our specific needs and create custom strategies that worked for us.

    Candice Stennett, Vice President of Marketing
    Candice Stennett, Vice President of Marketing


SCORE’s initial challenge in Google Ads was to define how to structure multiple different Google Ads accounts. SCORE is a Google Grants user, has multiple accounts for local chapters, and other accounts for sponsors and other purposes. Typically, OpenMoves would not suggest complex multi-account structures but SCORE is an advertiser where such a structure is valid.

As a Google Grants user, like most Grants accounts the initial goal was to ensure that SCORE was fully realizing the potential advertising credits in the account. Once we achieved this, the aim was to get the most value from the free Google clicks, without losing scale within the account – as with most Grants advertisers, SCORE prefers a free click to no click at all.

Navigating a complex account structure imposed a number of difficult questions around how Google Ads MCC accounts share conversions and how Google CPA bidding works across accounts. Our team had to dig deep into some unique technical challenges to understand the optimal way to share conversion data between Grants and standard Google Ads accounts for bidding purposes.

Our creative campaigns focused on two distinct audience types, small business owners and experienced business experts who might consider becoming a SCORE Mentor. The creative approach for ads had to focus on unique concepts and messaging for each prospect and then thoroughly test ads to improve performance.

Primary Goals

Grow total conversions and traffic.

Establish and optimize a Google Grant account maximizing advertising opportunities.

Improve PMAX placements and results significantly.

Leverage 3rd party PMAX reporting scripts, and more.

Develop ad creative for diverse audience targets

The Solution

Achieving High Performance with Data-Driven Creative

For our PPC clients we take a “Create, Learn and Optimize” approach to rapidly test and roll-out relevant creative that addresses critical campaign challenges. To tackle these challenges we build a creative strategy that starts with an analysis of funnel stages for different audience segments within different product lines. We then create creative concepts and a testing methodology based on our research and hypothesis on the experiments we’d like to run.

Ideate and Test Multiple Concepts

Our two core audience targets for SCORE were business experts who might be interested in mentoring and young entrepreneurs who would benefit from a business mentor. The ad concepts below show a variety of creative approaches for attracting young entrepreneurs into the SCORE program. All concepts tested used a variety of photographs but each set has distinct messaging, design and formatting.

Iterate on Winning Concepts

At this stage we’re ready to consolidate our campaigns with the best performing creative and begin optimizing the winners. With our honed in concepts we performed quick micro-experiments to test messaging, different cuts and lengths, calls-to-actions, and color schemes. By A/B testing one element at a time we’re able too quickly improve performance and gain valuable insight into what’s working and not working for within our different targets.

Continually Test and Optimize

New campaigns need to be continually improved, refreshed, optimized, and eventually challenged with new ideas and creative concepts. With the insight we gained from the ideation and iteration phase we are able to further scale SCORE’s campaigns by fine-tuning our audience segmentation/exclusions optimizing our bidding strategies while developing new campaigns and testing variants.


  • We drove a significant improvement in SCORE’s results across total conversions and total traffic, and between multiple accounts. Working with the SCORE team was always fun and challenging given the unique Google Ads strategy in question. SCORE is a great organization and we’ve really enjoyed running SEM in such a unique landscape! ”– Perikles Skronias, Senior Paid Search Strategist

    Perikles, Senior Paid Search Strategist
    Perikles, Senior Paid Search Strategist

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