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Create, Test and Scale

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A Holistic Approach to Creative Performance

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Ideate and Original Concepts

Performance creative relies on experimentation. We’ll develop a variety concepts from the straight forward to the wild and unexpected. To maximize our tests we develop ads specifically for top-funnel and mid-funnel prospects.

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Iterate on Winning Ads

We’re now ready to consolidate our campaigns with the best performing creative and begin optimizing the winners. With our honed in concepts we create micro-experiments to test messaging, imagery, etc., to specific audience types.

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Production Meets Creative Intelligence

By learning which components and attributes are driving positive perfromance we are able to streamline our variants and production. We have the team for full campaign management including motion design, video editing and copywriting.

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Ongoing Testing and Iteration

Campaigns need to be continually optimized and challenged with new concepts. With the insight we gain we are able to further scale by fine tuning creative and optimizing audience segments and bidding strategies.