Drag. Drop. Done. Email Campaign Creation …

Easily create beautiful, personalized mobile emails, optimize with MVT testing, and review the results with detailed reports.

Beautiful Mobile Email Templates

Pick from dozens of mobile responsive emails and customize to your brand without the use of  HTML. Just drag and drop columns, text, images, and videos into your template and you are ready to send. We’ll be there to help with branding and create custom templates as needed.


Email Marketing

Test, Learn & Optimize

Optimize your email marketing campaign performance for opens, clicks, and conversions with easy-to-create automated A/B and MVT testing. Pick the variables you want to test, such as subject line, from address, calls-to-action, or any other creative …and OM3 does the rest.

OM3 will automatically select the winning campaign and send the rest of the campaign based on the winning variables.

Email Personalization Beyond First Name

Want better results? Send automated 1:1 personalized emails based on name, gender, demographics, website visits, product interest, and purchase behavior. Using Dynamic Content, simply define your business rules, create personalized content snippets, and we’ll deliver a personalized email experience to every subscriber.

Personalize & Target your Emails

Segment and score your recipients and send them personalized emails based on their demographics and website behavior.


Optimized Send Times

Optimized Send Times

When is the best time to send an email to maximize engagement? OM3 will automatically deliver emails based on when they were opened in the past 90 days. It works so that the email will arrive at the recipient’s optimal time.

Remail to Inactives

Remail to Inactives

A nifty little feature allows you to automatically schedule an email campaign to those who did not open it the first time. Simply tell OM3 that you want to resend the email to “the inactives” after X number of days with a Y subject line and see your opens and clicks grow by 50%.

Inbox Previews

Want to make sure the email you worked on so hard looks great in Gmail, Outlook, and AOL? Inbox previews will automatically display what your email will look like in dozens of platforms to ensure that your email is perfect. Oh, and don’t forget to use the advanced spam checker to make sure your content is up to snuff.


Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Integrate responsive email landing pages with your email campaigns in one account. Then personalize the pages and also integrate countdown timers to convert browsers to customers.

Survey Builder

Survey Builder

Collect more data about your customers and sync it directly to your contact records with our drag-and-drop integrated survey builder. You can store information in up to 400 data fields and, like everything in OM3, it’s super quick and easy-to-do.