Integrations to Leverage Your Data

OM3 will work seamlessly to synchronize your CRM and web data.

Salesforce CRM Integration

Seamless integration between OM3 and Salesforce will enable your sales and marketing teams to work together like never before! You can sync leads and contacts to address books, create demographic segments, send automated email campaigns based on behavior, score prospects, and do it all without ever leaving the Salesforce platform.

Magento eCommerce Integration

Online retailers using Magento will increase sales with our Magento integration. Segment customers based on purchase history and engage with automated welcome emails, cart- and browse-abandonment campaigns, post-purchase reminders, and loyalty campaigns.



Seamless Shopify integration allows you to send meaningful segmented emails to increase sales. Integrate subscribers, purchase history, demographics, as well as cart and browse abandoners.



Are you using Pipedrive CRM to grow your business? Check out the most advanced integration for Pipedrive that allows you to have two-way synchronization automatically to sync lists, activities, suppressions, and much more.

MS Dynamics

Get your hands on the data that matters so you can deliver impactful emails. Seamless deep integration with MS Dynamics provides a single customer view. Whether it’s data from a website form or a lead update in Dynamics, the integration’s two-way synchronization means records are always current. Marketing can act on hot insights, and your sales team is totally informed.


Email Marketing

Other Integrations

If you have a custom site or CRM that needs to be integrated with OM3, leverage our free API libraries or talk to our programming team which can deliver custom solutions for your needs. We are constantly rolling out new integrations, so let us know if you don’t see what you need. We also have various integrations using Zapier and other middleware.