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Search Engine Optimization

Senior SEO Specialist

Senior SEO Specialist

Job Summary

OpenMoves is looking for an SEO superstar to join our growing digital marketing team! Must have 4-5 years SEO experience and proven track record of delivering SEO improvements on large SEO, B2B lead-gen and e-commerce websites. This is a remote part-time position and can grow into full-time.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • This is a client-facing role. Candidate should have strong experience speaking directly with clients, preparing client-facing deliverables including PowerPoint presentations and monthly performance reports.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Strong technical SEO experience and knowledge of site structure, and site indexing.
  • Understanding of SEO keyword management, competitive analysis, content strategies, and link building.
  • Well-versed in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, XML sitemaps, and robots.txt.
  • Microformats and rich snippets just make sense to you.
  • You understand the buyer’s journey and how it relates to SEO goals and strategies.
  • Can do a content gap analysis.
  • Must stay abreast of current SEO industry trends, best practices, and Google Algorithm updates.

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The Benefits of Being an “OpenMover”.

Work-Life Harmony

Working remotely has been part of our DNA since our start in 2000. Whether digital nomads or New York locals, our full-time, part-time, and contract team members operate more efficiently without an office to report to, leaving more time for friends, family, and the things they love (outside of work).

Set Your Own Schedule

We thrive on flexible schedules. Potentially our team members can work any hours they like — as long as they fulfill their responsibilities, make themselves available for clients and colleagues, and get the job done.

Health Coverage

Affordable healthcare accessible via smartphones and devices? Yes, that’s part of the package for full-time employees. Our plan offers comprehensive coverage, including health, vision, and dental benefits.

Continue Your Education

We think that active learning keeps you razor-sharp, forges new connections, and lays the foundation for career growth. That’s why we have a budget earmarked for online courses and live events and conferences.

Wellness Perks

When you feel good, our team performs better! It’s a win-win all-around. We even help you maximize your free time with wellness perks including a monthly allowance for gym memberships and bike-share programs (for full-timers).

Mental Health Benefits

Your state of mind is just as important as your physical state. That’s why our company’s extensive healthcare plan includes online mental health therapy and healthcare support for you and your loved ones. (for full-timers)

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