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Pay-Per-Click, Where
Performance Counts

If you’re not building a spot-on bidding strategy, targeting the right audience, and raising your visibility on Google and Facebook, someone else is. Talk to us before your customer Googles the business next door. With 20 years of top performance experience, we buy media better.

You’ve Got a Lot to Say. We’ll Make Sure your Audience Hears it.

Paid Search

Rising to the top takes know-how. You’ve done it in your business. Let us help you with ours. As a Premier Google Partner with over 200 years of team experience, we’ll help your ad campaigns scale new heights.


Paid Social

As Facebook advertising experts, we know that cutting through the clutter takes thoughtful analysis. Our Paid Social analysts will craft a powerful paid media strategy across the right channels. You’ve got a lot to say. We’ll make sure your audience hears it.


Display + Video

We’ll work with you to evaluate your current display ads and build new ones based on performance data, not on how pretty the image or video is. In our world, data is king. Mine it, and it will unlock the fortunes of your audience.



Scaling Media Spend to $1m per Month for Student Acquisition

A US University with 8 locations  charged us with lowering the cost of acquiring a qualified student and grow the top funnel in volume so the sales team can increase enrollment substantially for the following year.


Lead-gen at 10x Efficiency with PPC

Justworks  tapped OpenMoves with a clear mission – manage, optimize, and deliver more sales-qualified leads through digital paid media.


200% growth in 2 yrs with Facebook and Instagram

Brass Clothing,   a startup fashion brand, challenged OpenMoves to reach their target audience with precision and grow revenue through Facebook and Instagram.


A Time-Tested and Proven PPC Process

Audit & Strategy Session

Compressive review of PPC account

Deep dive on business, landscape and competition


Benchmarking & Goal Setting

Audit analytics systems, benchmark current performance

Set goals and measurement tool


Campaign Rebuild

Comprehensive restructure of account across platforms

Total refresh on keywords, audience, bidding and more


Performance Creative

Develop new creative messages and assets that drive results

Optimized for modern best-practices


Real-Time Reporting

Automated dashboard reports in real-time

Regular meetings to review results in progress


Don’t Take our Word for it

Video Testimonials from OpenMoves Customers

“They’ve really helped us lower our acquisition costs. They are always analyzing which channel is better and where we’ll get the best return on each dollar spent on advertising.”

Fiona Tilley

CEO & President

GURHAN New York, Inc.

“OpenMoves is the best PPC agency I’ve worked with – and I’ve worked with a bunch. Their expertise and strategic thinking allowed us to substantially grow paid digital as a performance channel while hitting CPA goals and other targets.”

Douglas Nelson

Director of Demand Generation,

Justworks Inc.

“We been very impressed with the depth of franchise knowledge and the results we’ve gotten from OpenMoves. Our expectations were very low but we’ve had our best increases month-over-month while working with them.”

Kathleen Kuhn


Housemaster Home Inspections

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